Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Update 4-27-12

I am going to be painting at lunch today, so I hope to get the belts, and shakos done on my Gurads units. That would be awesome. Then it is just facings and collars and muskets. We'll see.

And a quick interwebs note: Jon at Khurusan just keeps the hits coming. HE just relaesed the NEo-Soviet Power Armor walkers(more AT-43 power armor walker, and MaK Power Armor, than GW Space Marine). Love it. And now, once his scout cars and air support(think if a Hind and Harrier had a baby) are completed, he will have a killer full line of Neo-Soviets: Medium Tank, IFV, infantry support walker drones, full infantry with commands, heavy weapons, high command, scout cars, VTOL Gunship/Troop Carrier, and Power Armor. I am buying a full army of them in one fell swoop when they are ready. Its like the CoDominium from the Pournelle books in miniature. Awesome.

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