Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Brief Update from the Workshop of Doom - 15mm Undead

Thought I would post up some 15mm Undead Army pics since I was clearing them off my phone. Been a while.

Another massive 15mm Demonworld Army. Over 50 units and command.Warriors, spears, bows, zombies, heavies, hvy cav, light cav, artillery, command, heroes and some specials. Not great pics but you can see the massiveness of it all. And these aren't recent, so there are another dozen not shown here.

Group shot before the the specials were done. 2 wings and a center. 
Right Wing 
Left Wing
Just a few of the special sub army groups pictured here. Quick pics on the paint table prior to flocking. These are all specialty troops to add some flavor to the ranks and ranks of standard undead fair.
Burning Legion Troops 

Spectral Legion Troops

Death Hurler and Screaming Skull Catapults

Hero and Legion Command of the Spectral Legion
Undead Mega Giant 
Giant with Leader and Hero for size comparison
More pics when I flock them over xmas break. Later folks.

Based for my own Mass Fantasy Battle Rules.