Monday, April 9, 2012

Much Progress

Well, hard to believe, but much progress was made over the weekend. The lovely birde of the lead addict was very kind and understanding(so far) of the time the Lead addict whittled away for his Nappies this weekend. Thank you dearest. Hear is the run down:

Thursday Night - completed Command Stand for British Line Unit. 2nd Unit complete at 6 stands.
Friday night-completed 2 additional stands (of 4 ea.) of 95th Rifles. Bringing the 95th to 6 stands.3rd Unit complete at 6 stands.
Sat-Sun - started on additional stands for 2 Light Units and 3 Line units. Need 10 extra stands. 9 stands of figs primered and on sticks. As of Sunday night all additional figs are painted except facings and collars. Missing 1 stand (4 figs) of Lights.
Sun - Finished facings and collars on 43rd Light Inf. - 4th Unit complete.

I need about an hour to finish and mount the remaining figs. I will then be 1 stand short of having (8) British 6-stand units completed for my British Pennisular Army. I have 4 more after that. 1 Guards Unit(Coldstream probably), 2 Highlander Units(Watch and Gordon, maybe), and 1 Line Unit. The British Infantry will be done once they are complete. I assume End of May or June, depending on how much time I can devote to them and not house projects.

So after I finish the facungs on the current figs, my current collection will look like this:   

So much progress indeed!
I continue to be stoked for this so I will plow on. The next batch after the Infantry is done is some Cav Units. I have a Late and Early Lt. Dragoon, an Hussar Unit (with their rediculous tall fur caps), and another Heavy Dragoon Unit that could easily bcome a Guard Unit. I also have another 3 Cannon, High Command, and any misc. commanders I want to do. If I stay on it, I could have a British Penninsular Army complete by the end of the summer.That's crazy to me.

What's after them, well the Portuguese sit in a large pile. And since they were critical to the eforts in the Pennisula, I have to do them. But they will wait, casue I already have a bunch of great looking Spanish from Front Rank, on paint sticks and primed. They will get the business this fall. and then maybe the Portugese in the winter if I am not too burned out.

At some point, of course, you know I have to paint this mountain of French.

I snapped some picks over the weekend. I'll get them uploaded tomorrow.

And BTW, I fully disclosed a bout of strong Nappy Fever coming on. It's in full swing, but I do want to keep picking away at 6mm terrain, and maybe knock out some 15mm Dungeon explorers as well.

Thanks for stopping by.

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