Friday, April 13, 2012

Quick Update 4-13-12

First off its Friday the thirteenth, and I stopped by for a rare breakfast on the way in to work. And my breakfast cost $6.66. So off to a good start! I wonder when the back cat will cross my path? and I need to find a ladder to walk under.

Second, The Kansas City Royals Home Opener is today. I grew up with the Royals and their amazing teams from the 70's and 80's. George Brett, Frank White, Willie Wilson, Fred Patek, Dan Quisenberry, Al Hroboski, Paul Splitorf, UL Washington, and the list goes on and on. Hope springs eternal, and spring is a time of rebirth. Let's hope the boys in blue can contend like the old guys did evey year.
Next, played an amazingly fun game of a new variant of the Baron's Fistful of Lead rules for the horse and musket era. It was a blast we were playtesting some new ideas and all of it will make it to the rules one way or another. Hat's go off to Bill, who's legionairres valiantly held the doorway to protect their prisoner, until one final blow ended the FFL's last hopes in Mexico. Good show. I am sur ethe Baron is doing a write up sometime today.

Next, I dropped off  a couple of units for Jaye and Scott to paint for the Pennisular games that we are hopefully going to have for Black Powder. They are gonna get a few units painted of the french so I can get a jump on them when I finish the British. I also hope that maybe I can paint some extra units of British, and trade them with my Brother in Law for some French he painted, or will paint. If so, we could be in business in no time.

Next, Khurusan is coming through, adding bits and pieces to their lines as promised. I hope that the Jasmine throne Batallions are coming. Pleeeeease.

Finally, as mentioned here before, our buddy Chris, master of great convention games, has FINALLY!, started his own blog. Welcome to the end of the 20th century Chris! You should all bookmark his site. He was a feature on the A-Game blog for his great French and Indian game at Recruits. Expect much more from master Chris.

Have a great weekend! Its supposed to rain all weekend, so I am going to try to paint a unit of BRitish Royal and Guards Infantry, or at least get started.

And remember, just paint.

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Cluck Amok said...

I blush. And for the record, as my friends all know, it was very hard for me to leave the 20th Century.