Friday, October 23, 2015

A slight distraction

For anyone that's still looking at the blog of the ole lead addict, I have another slight distraction that I find can fill the gaps of time when I have a piece of paper, some pens and 5 minutes............It's the 5-Minute Dungeon Blog!

I am setting a timer and not drawing longer than 5 minutes on a quick dungeon for a nights fun and entertainment. All you need are some random generator charts and you are golden. They are quick, dirty and raw, so no post 5 minute fixes or photoshop. Just proves you don't need an architectural degree (oh wait) to do a quick sketch for some dungeon bashing fun. Old School Style. Who cares about a dungeon ecology? Just bash away.

This was done in 3 minutes. I decided five may be just a bit better.