Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post Recruits Haul

Hey everybody. Just a quick update about Recruits convention in Kansas City. It was last weekend and me and the whole crew of boys had a good time. (17, 10,8 yrs old respectively). I ususally run a Full thrust or Song of Blades and Heroes game, but since the BAron didn't go, and since its football season(friday night games and practices) baoled on hosting a game. Will do a spring one for sure.

We shopped when we got there first thing. It ususally takes about an hour or two to say hi to eveyone, buy stuff, and talk to vendors, so no gaming in the first session. We walked around and the boys were wanting to buy immediately. But since they were on there own dime, with limited budgets, that took care of that.

Went to Jason at MicroPanzer first off. I bought a set of production masters of his new 15mm scifi SAS guys last convention. When I redid the Workshop of Doom, I misplaced them. Now I have no idea where they are. So I bought  another pack, and added a couple of his new Wardroids too. Nice sculpts, but looks to be a bear to build. MAny small pieces, and he's working out the uniques production process to go from a 28mm RP fig to a 15mm RP fig to a lead cast fig. I will be using the Wardroids to go with my Critical Mass Light Recon guys I am working on now.

I saw a copy of Tomorrow's War, from the guys at Ambush Alley. Looks great. The pdf is coming soon. So I will be getting it until the printed copy comes out.

A QRF vendor was there so I bought a couple of Modern French APC's. I have no idea what they are so maybe they are no-descript enough to work for sci fi low/medium tech forces.

I also picked up some miscellaneous stuff to use for 15mm sci-fi. A Grendel tank, a couple of Battletech rocket tanks that look like 15mm drones for fire support.

And as everyone knows I love horror clix, I got a whole brick of the Freakshow Clix, for $20.00. Not a lot of useful guys in there, but a few. And as always, prepainted zombies in every edition. So that helps build the hordes.

At the silent auction I bid on 3 boxes of Demonworld Empire sets, but lost. I also bid on about $150.00 in Warhammer Fanytasy Roleplay books. And won for $15.00. So I liked that.

The boys bought various and sundry stuff, most unconnected by a theme. 15mm minifig Spartans, Clan Wars Samurai, A Star Frontiers Drasalite. All very odd but cool stuff.

We did the Paint and Take and I got the new Sgt. Stone fig from the Reaper Chronoscope line. A Sgt.Rock knock off. Its a very nice fig and will be used for my Wierd World War Two figs. Nolan painted a Nova Corp Cop, and a Brain Alien. Logan Painted an Imperial Roman Legionaire. It was really good. HE is getting better.So is Turner. He did the Sgt Stone fig as Robert Downey JR.'s character from Tropic Thunder. And he painted a Fantasy gragoyle/harpy in purple that is very subtle and very cool.

I finally go to play a game at 1:00. I played in Chris' Commands and Colors game. Carthage and Rome. It was great. I love this system. It all makes sense in a gaming way and in a historical way. Its a very subtle kind of game, even though it looks simple. Can't wait for C&C Napoleonics.

That's about it. Fun Day. We caught a hail storm going home. that was fun. Looking forward to a winter of painting and planning for spring Recruits.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More post apoc/ gamma world

Here's some more stuff for Fallout/Gamma World.

I have been cross posting some of this stuff on the Lead Adventure Forum.

This is the Android known only as 'The Quester'. He searches for the knowledge of who he is and where he came from. He comes asking questions. If he finds no answers, he deems those 'lesser forms' and destoys them to fulfill some ghost of his original programming.

These are Plains Stalkers. The mutated remains of the northen Timber wolf, the haunt the ruions and the irradiated plains in packs or alone, hunting for prey to feed their ravenous hunger.

Meet the terrifying visage of See-morr, the huge mutated and mobile sunflower that has the ability to create his very own pod zombies to do his bidding. Intelligent and sinsiter, See-morr likes to be near ruins and known sites of the ancients, stalking them for survivors to turn into his slaves.

That's it for now. I am working on some Critical Mass Games 15mm Arc Trooper Light Recon troops and Augments.  I also have an old Grendel Drop ship for 25mm that is perfect for a heavy dropship in 15mm. I need to add some armor and a few drones and I will be set.

Recruits is this weekend. Not gooing tonite, but will be playing games tomorrow. I decided not to run any games this time. Just play time with the boys. And maybe a little buying. I bought a preview set from Micro Panzer of his 15mm sci-fi SAS at the last one, but now have lost them. So I may have to buy more. And a couple of his wardroids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Post Apac Fallout /Gamma World Stuff and Samurai?

Hey gang.

I love that the Workshop and Basement of Doom is done. Now, all of the unfinished projects and unpainted lead stare at my back, as I paint, begging to be done.

I thought I would restart my Nappies, but am pausing on that so it can be a winter project. Along with either my Vikings or Fantasy. And if the mercenary box set gets released by xmas, then a new War of the Roses project will start, Perry minis of course. Especially since they announced the heavy cav plastics as well.

So til then, I am being very productive. I have cranked out a couple dozen survivors for my post apoc/fallout/union archology stuff. And started cranking out monsters, mutants and insane robots. 

Tons more done too. Getting close on this one. I have 3 new warbands to paint that are nice and Gamm Worldy, so I will finish those, add a couple more beasties, and finish a couple of terrain peices and we should be ready to go for a while.

I started repainting my 6mm sci fi armor and infantry to play with Future War Commander. Haven't played yet, but on the third read through of the rules, it finally clicked, so I am looking forward to the first games. Ultimately I want to play FWC with 15mm. So I need to get painting on all my GZG, Critical Mass, and Khurasan goodies. That will be a fall project as well. I have the GArns and Alien Mercs painted, but both need armor support. My Critical Mass Light Recon are on sticks and primed. They are on deck.

As is my Super Hero stuff. Got a bunch of it mounted., primed and ready to go. In the past one of my problems was wanting to do a project, but it wasn't ready to paint. So by the time I was done, basing, doing ground basing, and priming, I needed a break. So I have working on getting a lot of things ready to just pick up and paint when ready. So its great. I can be as flakey as I want.

And as if all that wasn't enough, and its not, I got bored last weekend waiting for the paint to dry on my rad scorpions(above) that I pulled out my Old Glory 28mm Samurai that are mounted individually and rebased them all for Commands and Colors, my new Ancients/Medieval rules of choice. After consulting with the Baron, I settled on 50mm Square bases. I now have 12 units for C&C of Samurai. And have about 36 more unpainted. But that may change, as Samurai were really my intro to historical gaming in DBA. So here they are, unflocked, but ready to be finished. Pics aren't great.

Oh, and that Lizardman book on the floor in the first Samurai pic is to help my son pic the colors for his Lizardman Blood Bowl Team that I am going to help him paint.

Recruits is this weekend. should be a whirlwind. Not hosting a game, may do a table to sell stuff.