Monday, April 16, 2012

Quick Update 4-16-12

Well its tax day tomorrow here in the states, so I wish all of you a lucky tax season.

I just wanted to give a quick update on progress over the weekend.

28mm British Napoleonics - Well, I now have 8 finished 24 man 6 stand units. 4 Line Infantry, 3 Light Infantry, 1 Rifle Infantry(which could be broken into two tiny units for Black Powder). Nice to see them all lined up.

I also got my next two units cleaned, put on sticks, primed and have the faces and hands base painted and washed. I tried a little bit of flow enhancer (the no-spot dishwasher additive) to see if I can get a smoother finish on the vallejo flesh wash. It looked good when I put it on, we'll see how it dries. Since GW stopped putting out thier old flesh wash, I have found that vallejo game colors flesh wash is the closest.

So I will finish these two units. A guards unit, and a royal unit. Then its on to the 2 units of highlanders. After that, the reward. Painting Cav. I have always found that the infantry is the grind. The cav is ususally so enjoyable, its a breeze. So I have been trying to stick to finishing the infantry first before the reward of the cav. Not sure if I can stick to that for the French. I may have to do 3-4 units of infantry, then 2 units of cav. But the Spanish come first, since In a pinch, I bet I could get my bro-in-law to come play a pennisular game with his French against my Anglo-Spanish Army with the Basement Generals.

Still enjoying this. Alot. So much so that I have to temper my enthusiasm so I don't alienate my wife and kids. Gonna keep pushing on till its done.

15mm Sci Fi - Lots still happening in the 15mm world. I am hopeful of some Khurusan goodness this week. And as usual, Spacejacker has done an incredible job on some of Khurusan minis, and has made an incrdible future cop on a speeder bike. amazing. I have to try to put this together. Art crime bikes(which I really like) and head swaps. and the object source lighting is fantastic. and all in 15mm. Nice job Jacker as ususal. I will get back to my 15's in a while, or when I need a break from the Nappy Fever.

6mm Sci Fi - Still waiting for the pause in Nappies to get some extra units painted and some buildings added. This is a nice change of subject and scale so it is probably what I will do if I take a break. I have been play testing a set of rules solo on a quick and dirty micro armor game. Not there yet, but I like where its headed.

Keep Painting!


Spacejacker said...

Thanks for the mention! I just packed up all my minis, which took exactly one full day... You will be pleased to know the cops made the cut into my "emergency ccllection" of carry on luggage minis for testing Throwdown with while I wait for my paints and supplies to arrive.

Good luck with all your projects!

Lead Addict said...

yeah! Good news. I also saw some of those beautiful green Garn as well. Have a safe trip. I know your posts will be spotty. so I will look forward to your return.