Monday, October 19, 2009

15mm Sci Fi

Its been a while. I have been busy playing, gaming, RPGing, world building, and painting and acquiring.

I have been painting a good bit.

I have finished my 28mm SoBH armies for Human High Fantasy, Undead, and started the Wood Elves.

I have done some detailing and painting on my Post Apoc buildings.

And finally, i have gotten sucked into 15mm Sci Fi. GZG, Critical Mass, Khurisan, and a blog called Dropship Horizon have just been too much to handle.

Here's an initial take at the Garn from Khurisan. Alien Reptile/Alligators.

Overall force. My vision is that the Garn are an uplifted species on a predominantly sauran world. Who were they uplifted by? Who knows...And they have enslaved the other Sauran species of their home world. The Garn are big figs for 15mm.
The initial Army is 8 stands of regular Garn troops, 2 stands of heavy support(think miniguns) Garn, 2 Leaders, 4 stands of walker weapon support platforms, 1 stand of Giant controlled Carnisaur, 1 Giant controlled Triceratops, 2 stands of fire breathing Dimetrodons with controller, 1 stand of Giant Stegasaur with side baskets and Grenade launchers, and 2 stands of crazed tribal Lizardmen (partially uplifted).
Garn leader
Garn normal units
Garn Walker Units - GZG walkers. 4 stands.
I have Critical Mass recon guys to do, Khurisan Karks, GZG Alien Mercs too.
I love this. and upcoming - Space lions/cats and space dogs and space mind flayer squidcrabs.