Friday, April 20, 2012

Reminisce Part II - Eye Candy

So what caused me to reminisce about Heavy Gear? Well I was on Miniature Review and saw a refence to Frontline Gamer's blog about the new NuCoal army boxed sets that DP9 has put out. At this point DP9 has the same delusions of grandeur that GW, Reaper, Foundry etc. have regarding their pricing. It's silly really. It's one of the things that has opened the door for a lot of the 15mm sci companies to come in and take market share away from these established companies. It is what it is. But they have caused me to ignore them because I am not going to pay those prices. Even so, these are some great figs. Check this out:

I would surely like to get these figs. and the infantry finally looks good (not a big fan of the current Northern and Southern infantry). So if you don't mind the pricing, and want some terrifically designed figs in 1/144 scale, or use for almost any scale really, go check out DP9 and their gear lines. It makes me yearn for a great set of rules.(and no, Blitz!, whichever version you have, is not a great set of rules).

BTW, I have not switched on my gamer ADD. I am still chomping at the bit to find a day to finish my British Guards. Maybe this weekend.

And I had a friend randomly mention GHQ's Terrain Maker 4" hex system for small scale 15mm sckirmish gaming. I have some in the package. Got me thinking, that and some Gears and Robofire, may be a good combination.

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