Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pip Pip and all that!

Ah, holiday gaming at the Baron's Chateau. I'll let him do a full game report. But it was time for Vicki Sci Fi with GASLIGHT. And fun was had by all.

The Anglo-Franco Allies Vs. The Prussian, Russian, and Professor Nightshade onslaught.

I got the run the Brits. No one looks quite as good as a Redcoat on the table. Here's the pics:

 The Table. 8 Players. 13 Conveyances and 12 Infantry Units.

 British Infantry led by Nigel Tufnell, Lord of Spindletap

The Tricycle Artillery. Blow the crap out of a Village house packed to the gills with Russians.

 French Legion and infantry advancing En Masse! The French Spider Walker is on the right, The French La Rue wheeled lightning tank on the left.

 The Imperial Russian infantry advance on the village. The Nefarious Prof. Nightshade and his clockwork minions in the background.

Russian Advance with troops and heavy(but really infectual) armor.

Fun as ususal, some of the Basement Generals that haven't been in a while were there, so added fun. Many mishaps were had and many gut busting laughs. We are even going to make awards named for certain charismatic members and their own particular proclivities. The first - The Golden Super Glue Award. Named after one of the 3 Scott's. His ability to knock over figs during a game is unparalleled. Uusally not breaking them, but sometimes...I will make the trophy and it will be passed around and whoever holds it at the end of the evening wins. Sort of like hot potato.  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forgot this one - one last X Mas gift

I had forgotten one last thing. A very good thing. The goodly Madam got me the Incursion Allies boxed set. Weird World War II American power armor. American Terminators. And they are awesome. They look and feel right. Only complaint is the flame thrower is a little thin and spindley, not beefy enough in my estimation. These will be great for killing nazi zombies, or anything else. They would be great in a space hulk crawl in a nazi experimental complex.

So maybe a little more WWWII in my future.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want to do this but who has the time?

In my comic reading days there was always one that I really enjoyed as fun, but never realized what an impact it had on me. In my days of playing Superhero RPG's and reading about mutants and supersoldiers, one of the few comics that I have the desire to go back and explore is Alien Legion.

I posted on my RPG blog a long time ago about wanting to roleplay Alien Legion. And was going to buy the omnibus and other collections to whet my appetite. Well it seems as though Eli at I See ead People is thinking along the same lines as I again. He was lucky enough to get some reference material himself and plans on embarking on the quest to it seems.

I have way to much to do to really ever get to the RPG project, but I would really love to have some Alien Legion figs to paint and use. With so much good stuff out there it just begs to be done. With Zombiesmith's Spaceport range, and AE Bounty, and Reaper Chronoscope, there are a lot of possibibilities for enemies and obviously there are endless  sci fi armies to fight the legion in 28mm. If I could sculpt, I would do it. And then I found this on bandit86's site: Holy hell.

Dammit! Do I really have to start another project. I wonder what Carmen would charge to do a set?

Spring Recruits - March 25-27, 2011

Just a quick heads up for those of you who come, want to come, should come to Spring Recruits. Date is March 25-27, 2011.

I don't need to toot the horn too loudly, but this convention is the best. Hands down. I feel welcome, my friends feel wlecome, my kids feel welcome. Recruits is one of those things we look forward to in spring and fall. Duane Fleck and his wife Laura put on the best show for players, GM's, vendors, and observers. So please come if you can.

Those who don't know. Its put on by a local high school gaming group. Its hosted at the high school. Facilities are great. People are great. Its goal is to continue to introduce younger gamers to the world of board miniatures gaming. It accomplishes what so many talk about doing. Infusing the hobby with some much needed younger blood to carry on the traditions of tabletop gaming. It brings together the youngs with the old grognards, and fun is had by all.

Some pics of the con:

 An example of the youth at some games.

 A shot of the Barons Fistful of Lead game. The games look spectacular. Lots of talent in the midwest.

 Ahh. The beauty of C&C Ancients on the tabletop.

 Paint and take with the boys

One of the Barons setups for a superhero game.

Come, enjoy. And its only $5.00 for adults. Kids and students are Free.

Quick list of X Mas goodies

Well it seems the old lead addict was pretty good(lucky) again this year. Santa brought me a bunch of goodies. a Quick List:

1. Commands and Colors Napoleonics - Box is nice and heavy. I will never use it as a block game, but need it for the rules, cards and dice. I love C&C.

2. C&C:Epic - The Epic expansion for C&C. It allows multi player play. Since we alsways have multi player, it works great. Can't wait til the multi player comes out for C&C Nappys.

3. Ground Zero Games Hi Mobility Wheeled Battle Force - Can't really afford to miss the xmas sale at GZG. This has become kinda a staple. I got the Grav force last year. And these guys help me field an NAC force of a good size for Future War Commander or Tomorrow's War.

4. Wargames Factory SciFi Troopers - I followed and participated in the discussions on the forum for these guys. They will make good stand in for WWW II Nazis and such. They are big guys with BFGs.

5. AT-43 at 60% off - While shopping I ducked into our only real wargamming shop in KC. They had AT-43 at 60% off. Just like tohe clearance sales a while back. So I picked up another unit of Kolossus walkers, a gig Red Block Walker, and a box of Oni walking time bomb zombies, who will be pressed into Neo Soviet service. So a good find. added some brushes and some static grass cause I was running low.

With what little free time I had between parties, I messed around with my AT-43 Red Block guys, trying to decide if they were total repaints, or just wash, highlight and play. It may be some of both. I washed a unit to see how the turned out and they look ok. A little skin painting, highlights and they would be just fine. Just not sure I like the tan and burnt orange paint scheme. Its distinct, but not necessarily the scheme I would have decided on for my Neo Soviets. But it sure would be nice to just have them all done. I may keep some and repaint others.

I cleaned and based a bunch of Undead 15mm guys for C&C:Fantasy. So they are ready to paint. Not inspired so I haven't painted them yet.

Flirted with painting a bunch of guys I have ready for Song of Drums and Shakos, but decided not to go there. Nappy's are a long fall down a deep well for me. Once I start it usually means I don't touch anything else for months. I am not ready for that right now. Especialy since Phase II of my 28mm Brits are sitting on their sticks ready to go and staring at me everytime I paint. It would be nice to add 2 more units of cav and 6 more units of infantry. If nothing else than I get to paint my Highlanders after Phase II is done. Kinda a reward for getting the majority of it done. See even in print I can feel myself getting sucked in. Once Phase II is done I can play C&C Nappy's with them. Until then I will play C&C NAppy's with my 15's. My miles and miles of 15's.

So I was digging for something to do yesterday when I had the whole afternoon, and found I wasn't really in the mood to paint. So I was digging through boxes and came across some oldies but goodies. Old Citadel Chaos Warriors. I have had these guys for eons. Back when I collected eveything that Citadel and Marauder made. So I began buidling them and getting them ready to paint. I cleaned them, cut off their tabs(sacrelidge), and based them on washers like all my single mounted figs. I hate GW slotta bases. I hate their height and what to do with the edge. I hate how unstable they are. Everything really. So I mount all singles I would use for skirmish or warband play on washers and Litko round bases. Then texture and finish. Works great and looks so much better. So I got 4 old Chaos Warior riders, 8 old Marauders, and 10 Warriors mounted, an old Chaos Minotaur,  as well as a newer Chaos Troll I picked up at a convention. I have another 10 warriors to mount. Then I need to add a box of Beastmen platics, or find some old ones on ebay. I love the old beastmen. It was fun. and this could lead me into finally painting some of the gorgeous Hudson and Allen buildings that I have had forever. I already have a Bretonnian/High Medieval warband that would be of comparable size. Would be a good song of Blades and Heroes battle or even a modified Pig Wars. I really would like a set of large warband sized rules for fantasy. Not WFB. But units of ten, heroes, monsters, etc.

I then played Fable II, which I picked up at Walmart on clearance. Fun roleplaying game. I like games where I can choose to be good, evil, neutral, and decide if I want to be a fighter, a shooter, or mage. Makes it fun. But I gotta not do that since it just cuts into my painting time and at least after painting I have a painted miniature.

Oh one last thing. Played C&C Fantasy at the BArons last week. Started tweaking the armies stats and such. It really is a pretty subtle game with an ability to model almost anything you want. So its gonna take some time to really think about the units, then model their attributes. That was the lessen for the day. That and Pegasus Riders should be able to flee or evade at will. That would be the whole reason to have them. Flying. Duh.

Have a great new years. I think the Baron is having everyone over on Wed. for a VSF slugfest. Should be fun as usual. Makes me want to paint my Minions of Abdul-ak-Abduhl's army. With his gold plated Parrot of Doom, and Giant Mechanical Desert Lizard of Doom with Howdah.

I really do like it all. Can you tell?

Friday, December 10, 2010

New Banner & Template

The old ones were getting a little old and tired. Edited the side bar as well. I will probably consolidate the other Lead Addict sites to this one since I really don't update those much. Too much work.


Hispania Union - Hollow Shell

I've gotten a new squad done for your viewing pleasure. I have a few squads of GW Karskin troops that I got for a feverish moment when I actually thought I wanted to play 40K. So they have been sitting.

And since I want to get some trrops painted for Hollow shell in the 2011 to play with Tomorrows War, I thought I would use them for that, along with their Cadian brothers. So I give you the first squad of the Hispania Union.

 Group shot

Close up 1

Close up 2

 Close up 3

These guys were a test to see if I liked the paint job. I do, so we'll march on through. They can also double as a heavy squad of the Engineers Guild in the post apoc world (imagine the power and influence of the engineer in a post apoc world, everything from using ancient tech, to creating new tech, to cleaning water and creating power. All hail the enigineer. Imagine how corrupting that much power could be.)  Gotta do the basing on my 15mm Commands and Colors Fantasy first, then do a few rubbled buildings over xmas. But these are enough to get started.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keep working them balls.

To make it all work these days you gotta keep punching, keep moving, keep digging, keep shining those balls. That's where I am at. Let's all hope for a successful and happy new year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wasteland Mutants, done

Here's what I have been working on after the 15mm Sci Fi.

A gang of hardcore Mutants from deep in the Wastelands. If these guys show up, there must be some easy pickens, or things have gotten even worse in the wastes. Expert scavengers and nomads, the mutants pale bluish skin, white hair and glowing yellow eyes reveal their more base nature. They are survivors, thriving where noone else can.

Figs are old Citadel Confrontation Gangers and a Copplestone Scavenger. Buildings are my rubbled buildings.

 Group shot, front

 Group shot, Rear

Closeup 1, front

Closeup 1, rear

Closeup 2, front

Closeup 2, rear

Closeup 3, front

Closeup 3, rear

I like the way these guys turned out, and man do they have the detail in the sculpt. I have a tech gang to do and a nomad gang to do, so I have to work myself up to do them. Maybe over the holidays. Next up is doing the ground work for my 15mm Fantasy. Not glamorous but necessary. Then either the gangs, or maybe some buildings.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15mm Arc Fleet Army - Eurpoean Commonwealth Troops - Painted

Finally some progress. I have for you today my Critical Mass Games 15mm Arc Fleet Recon and Augments troops painted for my European Commonwealth Troops for my space opera universe - Hollow Shell.

First an overall shot:

 Next, the overall commander and his XO. He is in Augment Hvy Power Armor, his elite status is signified by the blue gaunlet. His command status is signified by his light grey right hand guantlet. The Red stripe on the helmet and shoulder pad is Regimental Distinction - The 539th Commonwealth Rapid Reactionary Force.

 Some of the 539th RRF's finest foot sloggers:

 A view of the trops with the Kestrel VTOL Dropship in the background. Directly in from of that is the IWV - Infantry Walker Vehicle for a hvy support and assualt role, especially in built up areas, and the ISV - Infantry Support Vehicle. The ISV provides infantry support with ECM and Jamming capability, and fire support from its rocket cluster pods.

Another shot of the troops:

 Close up of the troops:

 Close up of the Augment troopers:

 Closer shot of the Kestrel, IWV, and ISV support elements:

 Close up of the Paladin Command Vehicle. This mobile commnad vehicle can also transport a squad of troops, and has a 50mm autocannon for support and protection. The Paladin is an older jack of all trades vehicle typical of the colonization and protection role the RRF in its younger days. The vehicle is still prized amongs the more savy leader who understands the value and protection this multirole old workhorse provides:

And a final group shot again:

I just finished these last night. I need to finish the walkers, but everything else is complete. I will be adding the GZG Grav vehicles to this group, and will be painting a phase 2 since CMG just announced the release of the Augment and Recon hvy weapon troops. So I will add those, and a few more troopers and regular augments.

These are enough to play Crossfire! with so I think I can play a small battle with these VS. my Alien Mercs force.

Next up is to finish the Garn support troops, and hope that Santa will bring me my Hi Mobility Wheeled Force from GZG for xmas. They will be used with my GZG NAC troops for the North American Protectorate NAP troops. And after that, the might and bizarre fury of the Aquans - all manner of oceanic humanoids from various publishers  including the Karks, The Orca, The Lamphreys, The Aquan, and their crab support vehicles!!!! Muhahaha!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

D&D Doodle

I was reading a post on the BAron's page and I ran across this blog on his blog list:

If you can't get excited/inspired/want to steal every technique/look in awe you just aren't human. So much RPG cartography genius here its unbelieveable.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Crossfire 15mm Sci Fi

So as I have built my 15mm Sci Fi armies, I have been struggling with the rules set to use. I was going to look at Force on Force, then the much awaited Tomorrows War came out. I will pick it up, but I was still looking. I have Future War Commander, but haven't played it yet. Its sounds ok. The combined arms aspect is good for involving a bunch of different troop types (which I like) and the Warmaster movement/morale system(which I am on the fence about). So I picked up off my shelf an oldie but a goodie. CROSSFIRE by Artie Conliffe.

Its such an abstraction from other games, but I really love the mechanics of fire and moevment, initiative, and good tactics or you will just plain lose. So right now, I am working on a Crossfire mod for 15mm Sci Fi. Since Crossfire is primarily an infantry game, won't be a lot of armor or APC's in the game. I will use either Tomorrow's War or FWC for that.

And while trolling the Yahoo group, I ran across an old post of mine about using Crossfire for HEavy Gear, since all versions of that game suck. How could an absolutely stunning miniatures line be so saddled with such a terrible game system. anyway, because of the way crossfire models fire and movement, it may be the best at modeling their universe, with the swings in initiative, furious combat and speed, slow ponderous infantry and vehicles(compared to the gears). So you would make the Gears the infantry, and the foot sloggers and vehicles all follow the vehicles rules. It would make the Gears feel that much more dynamic.

I have my Power Armored Arc Fleet guys mounted, and am ready to mount my recon guys. Do some unit designations and patches, and they are done. Pics when finished.

Not sure what I am doing next. I will have 3 15mm Sci Fi armies ready to play some small games, probably need a 4th so we can play at least 4 sided at the Baron's Chateau.

Then it may be to finish the C&C fantasy bases and do some C&C terrain and a ground cloth. Or finish a couple of MDRG warbands and some post apoc terrain. Ah choices.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy (Belated) B-Day to the Baron

Happy (1 day belated) B-dauy to the Baron.

Its his 41st. I already turned. We're gettin old.

I forgot, because, well I always forget bdays, names, dates, all kinds of things. If its not in my balckberry anymore, I don't remember. But I really have no excuse. No excuses, we all have very hectic lives. Just something I wish I hadn't done.See I have this little thing to help me remember. And I didn't.

You see when playing roulette, and picking random numbers, it always makes you feel better if you have a reason. So I use my b-day, my brother, my wife, and the boys, and the Baron's  to fill the board out. And I have won a bunch on them all. Its totally random, and I don't really gamble anymore (especially roulette), but it helps me remember birthdays cause I can see the table laid out in front of me in my minds eye.

The Baron was the best man at my wedding, and our children have grown up gaming together. He is still my best friend, and will be for a long time I hope. All the gaming, rpging, card playing, drinking, float trips, parties, bachelor parties have added up to a pretty great life spent in pursuit of fun. Thanks for all of it Baron.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Gamer Dad Moments

I'm gonna steal this from Eli at his I See Lead People blog as an ongoing feature. Go to Eli's blog to read the inspiration for starting it here. He has been letting us readers know of his ongoing Gamer Dad moments. And great they are.

Here's one from this weekend that made me want to write about them.

I have written over the last few years about my sons (3 of them) adventures in gaming. Best gamer Dad moments so far:

Oldest (17): We went to the Recruits Convention this year(as we do evey time) and we got to sit down and paint a couple of figures at the paint and take, together, without our phones interupting us, looing at each others work, being critical and complementary.  "Look dad, I painted mine (The Reaper Sgt Stone figure we were both painting) to be like Robert Downey Jr. Character from Tropic Thunder". "I painted mine for my American guys for Weird World War II". It was great. He then went and painted at another table by himself and cranked out a super subtle gargoyle that was great. He was very proud. We also talked to a fellow BAsement General about an ongoing WHFRP that all three of us were in, but hadn't played in a while. It was so cool to talk like an adventuring party, and he was one of us.

Youngest (8): The Speed Painter, the Muscle - You know that you may have an indecisve RPG group when the most active player is the 8 yr old. When a door needs busting, or a cavern needs jumping, the boy is fearless. It must be one of those innocence of children thing cause this kid gots no fear. And while at 8 he still would rather be playing with LEGOs and Halo, slowly, he is playing more and having fun. The risjk/reward nature of roleplaying is really fun for him. And the hearing cheers from the other characters at the table for a job well done makes him beam.

The Middle Child (10): HE really is too much like me. And really, I had had Video Games like Halo and World of Warcraft, who knows if I would have ever RPG'd or Wargamed. He shows the most real interest in gaming. there are a million stories about him. One of my favorites is his 2nd level Barabarian getting chased through an orchard by a Bullete as a distration so everyone else could find safe ground. A real hero move. As the Bullette approached with his doom, the boy says "I'm going to leap up to the cloest branch on that tree so the Bullette will go past me." HE rolls to grab it and does. The Bullete erupts out of the ground to eat him like a fishing lure and misses and crashes into a stone wall. The boy then dops down on the Bullette's back and tries to drive a spear into his head. Dexterity check - very hard - Passed. Attack Roll- Natural 20, critical strike. Damage Roll - Full dmg x2 plus dmg bonus. Some days the dice gods sing your praises.

Some days they don't. Satruday we went to the BAron's house the roleplay for a couple of hours in his Beyond the Wall sandbox campaign. Fun as ususal. but the boy had the unfortunate luck of walking into the den of Guard Giant Ferrets. They critical striked him for 24 hp of dmg before he even got a swing. The poor dwarf Dimzad was bitten in half and swallowed. He was unsure of whether to be sad, cry or what, until everyone at the table began laughing and patting him on the back and telling him it was good death. A warriors death. Better than most had ever seen. It helped losing his first character easier. He later asked me "Have you ever gotten killed as good as I did?" I confessed "Never".

On sunday, I was out back doin yard work after the KC Cheifs lost to the Colts. I was pissed, tired and frustrated at the labor of the work and loss of my beloved Chiefs, when the Boy comes out and yells across the yard, "DAD, WHAT DICE AM I SUPPOSED TO USE TO ROLL FOR A FIGHTER'S HIT POINTS?" At first I was annoyed. I was working hard, and the Chiefs lost, then it dawned on me what was happening. "D8" I shouted. He said ok and walked away. The smile on my face must have been huge. "The Force is strong with this one."  

Friday, October 8, 2010

Played C &C Fantasy (Not BattleLore) Last Night, and some progress

The BAsement Generals played Commands and Colors last night at the Barons Castle. Its our 4th play test. We haven't played enough to make sure we have covered all the rules yet, and left several out that I know of: evade, breakthrough attack, etc. but we are getting there.

We decided to use C&C Ancients instead of BAttle Lore now because the troop types were just too limiting in BL. And we like a historical bent to our fantasy. Afterall, Elven bowmen are really just pretty English Longbowmen with really good hygeine. So we are converting them and will have army lists and cards for each unit tupe that spells out movement, results, etc.

Pics over at the BAron's Blog:

As for my Critical Mass guys, I have my first 4 sticks of Critical Mass Recon Troopers base painted and highlighted. Detail painting this weekend so I can finish them and get them mounted. I finished their 2 fire support automatons(old Battletech Rocket tanks), and their fire support/mobile command post 6 wheel MICV. I have to do one last layer of highlights for the drop ship, and it will be ready. I haven't started their 3 walkers yet. Hopefully I can finish the majority of them this weekend.

After that, I need to finish my Garn native troops and finish their bases. Then I will have 3 small/med size forces to use for 15mm sci fi. Still looking for the right rules. Maybe Crossfire.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Post Recruits Haul

Hey everybody. Just a quick update about Recruits convention in Kansas City. It was last weekend and me and the whole crew of boys had a good time. (17, 10,8 yrs old respectively). I ususally run a Full thrust or Song of Blades and Heroes game, but since the BAron didn't go, and since its football season(friday night games and practices) baoled on hosting a game. Will do a spring one for sure.

We shopped when we got there first thing. It ususally takes about an hour or two to say hi to eveyone, buy stuff, and talk to vendors, so no gaming in the first session. We walked around and the boys were wanting to buy immediately. But since they were on there own dime, with limited budgets, that took care of that.

Went to Jason at MicroPanzer first off. I bought a set of production masters of his new 15mm scifi SAS guys last convention. When I redid the Workshop of Doom, I misplaced them. Now I have no idea where they are. So I bought  another pack, and added a couple of his new Wardroids too. Nice sculpts, but looks to be a bear to build. MAny small pieces, and he's working out the uniques production process to go from a 28mm RP fig to a 15mm RP fig to a lead cast fig. I will be using the Wardroids to go with my Critical Mass Light Recon guys I am working on now.

I saw a copy of Tomorrow's War, from the guys at Ambush Alley. Looks great. The pdf is coming soon. So I will be getting it until the printed copy comes out.

A QRF vendor was there so I bought a couple of Modern French APC's. I have no idea what they are so maybe they are no-descript enough to work for sci fi low/medium tech forces.

I also picked up some miscellaneous stuff to use for 15mm sci-fi. A Grendel tank, a couple of Battletech rocket tanks that look like 15mm drones for fire support.

And as everyone knows I love horror clix, I got a whole brick of the Freakshow Clix, for $20.00. Not a lot of useful guys in there, but a few. And as always, prepainted zombies in every edition. So that helps build the hordes.

At the silent auction I bid on 3 boxes of Demonworld Empire sets, but lost. I also bid on about $150.00 in Warhammer Fanytasy Roleplay books. And won for $15.00. So I liked that.

The boys bought various and sundry stuff, most unconnected by a theme. 15mm minifig Spartans, Clan Wars Samurai, A Star Frontiers Drasalite. All very odd but cool stuff.

We did the Paint and Take and I got the new Sgt. Stone fig from the Reaper Chronoscope line. A Sgt.Rock knock off. Its a very nice fig and will be used for my Wierd World War Two figs. Nolan painted a Nova Corp Cop, and a Brain Alien. Logan Painted an Imperial Roman Legionaire. It was really good. HE is getting better.So is Turner. He did the Sgt Stone fig as Robert Downey JR.'s character from Tropic Thunder. And he painted a Fantasy gragoyle/harpy in purple that is very subtle and very cool.

I finally go to play a game at 1:00. I played in Chris' Commands and Colors game. Carthage and Rome. It was great. I love this system. It all makes sense in a gaming way and in a historical way. Its a very subtle kind of game, even though it looks simple. Can't wait for C&C Napoleonics.

That's about it. Fun Day. We caught a hail storm going home. that was fun. Looking forward to a winter of painting and planning for spring Recruits.

Friday, September 17, 2010

More post apoc/ gamma world

Here's some more stuff for Fallout/Gamma World.

I have been cross posting some of this stuff on the Lead Adventure Forum.

This is the Android known only as 'The Quester'. He searches for the knowledge of who he is and where he came from. He comes asking questions. If he finds no answers, he deems those 'lesser forms' and destoys them to fulfill some ghost of his original programming.

These are Plains Stalkers. The mutated remains of the northen Timber wolf, the haunt the ruions and the irradiated plains in packs or alone, hunting for prey to feed their ravenous hunger.

Meet the terrifying visage of See-morr, the huge mutated and mobile sunflower that has the ability to create his very own pod zombies to do his bidding. Intelligent and sinsiter, See-morr likes to be near ruins and known sites of the ancients, stalking them for survivors to turn into his slaves.

That's it for now. I am working on some Critical Mass Games 15mm Arc Trooper Light Recon troops and Augments.  I also have an old Grendel Drop ship for 25mm that is perfect for a heavy dropship in 15mm. I need to add some armor and a few drones and I will be set.

Recruits is this weekend. Not gooing tonite, but will be playing games tomorrow. I decided not to run any games this time. Just play time with the boys. And maybe a little buying. I bought a preview set from Micro Panzer of his 15mm sci-fi SAS at the last one, but now have lost them. So I may have to buy more. And a couple of his wardroids.