Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another quick 15mm update

OK so here's a quick progress update:

I am finished with the Alien Mercs. Based, flocked, finished. I need some support stuff, and vehicles, but that hopefully will be coming once GZG release their next release. Check it out

How cool have the New Israeli's become? And the UNSC troops finally have some new sculpts. So now with the New NAC, NEw Israeli's, and UNSC troops, plus the Alien Mercs, GZG has the infantry to back up all of that wonderful armor and support equipment.

I hope I am getting the Grav Sled fighting force for my birthday in Feb with NAC troops. I was waffling on the NI's cause I have the Critical Mass recon, but I have to get them now that they have the grav bikes. Somebody makes a sci/fi Merkava, cant remeber who at the moment.

I am also planning on purchasing a 8 wheeled force when GZG releases it, and the Hi Mobility wheeled force. Then this summer getting a whole order for buildings and building add ons.  Speaking of...

I am a horder of packaging materials for reuse as gaming material. and the last couple of weeks it has come to a great fruition. I have about 15 buildings and terrain pieces based for 15mm and some for double purpose for 28mm. They look great so far. I'll snap pics when they are painted.

And finally, we almost had a FPW(Full Party Wipe) on the old school sandbox campaign  am running with a friend on blog spot. Here's a link. No die roll fudging going on. If they hadn't of killed the last zombie, he was gonna kill the main character. Link:http://hrothgarsfolly.blogspot.com/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Update

I have gotten the resin sand mixture on the bases of the Alien Mercs army from the post before. Hope to finish painting and flocking this weekend in between date night, poker night, and nfl playoffs, and rpging with Ze Baron and the BG's on sunday afternoon.

I also have gotten the other two DP9 Jagers painted. so almost home. I will then need to decide which way I am going on their vehicles. I really like the GZG 8 wheel series, the original Grav force, and the Kravak forces so I am torn. Not a big fan of the Critical Mass vehicles yet, but haven't seen them in person yet.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Working on #4 - 15mm sci Fi - Progress

Well, I had a pretty productive weekend at the snowed in homestead. I painted Friday night for a bit to unwind from the week, while the boys played 360 and the wife played WoW. And got a couple of hours in Saturday listening to the K-State game, then almost all day Sunday in between watching the NFL wildcard games. What a great weekend. Oh and got in some serious lincoln log time with the youngest on sunday. At one point we had the whole family (except the teenager) doing lincoln logs. Pretty fun.

So here are some quick pics I shot this morning before we went out to the bus stop of the weekends work. I will post better when they have basing and flock.

These are my Alien Mercs army. The figs are all GZG, except the Command Walker, which is of course a DP9 Heavy Brawler Black Mamba (1/144). They work great with the 15mm scale of the GZG stuff. Just big enough to get a guy in, but not so huge to be rediculous. I will be using all the RAFM 1/87 scale Heavy Gear stuff for 28mm. They work great too.

The army is:
1-Command Walker
2-Elite Commandos
7-Line Mercs
2-RAM Mortars
3-HMG Support
3-Remote-Missle Vehicles
3-Remote-AutoCannon Support Vehicle

I also have a couple more Heavy Gear Mechs (Jagers) I will do for a 3 man team of Mechs.

Need to add some heavier firepower and some modility, but GZG has crap tons, so no problems there. Anyway, it was fun getting this whole 22 stand army done in a weekend.

Ze BAron and I talked and I think we are going to use Future War Commander, and barring that, we may just write our own.

REMINDER: Recruits Con is coming up last weekend in March.