Monday, April 3, 2017

Some 15mm Squigs for my Orcs

Hey addicts, LA here. Got just a little bit of time for some brushwork this weekend so I busted this unit out for my 15mm Orcs.

Stands of fire and forget artillery for the orcs. If you can control them, you can get them moving forward and then just release them to wreak havoc on the enemy lines before they are destroyed. Flaming pigs basically. But better hope they don't circle back before they get there and attack your lines.

I've got 16 orc horde stands (50mm x 50mm) I'm working on now. They can be used as 1's and 2's or can be one giant horde. They fight in a mob, have very little defense, and will fight till blown and then disappear. Think ancient Germans.

After that, a couple of heavy two handed axe units and some command and the Orcs are pretty much dusted.

High elves are on sticks and primed. They are next.