Monday, July 26, 2010

Odds and ends and Gamer ADD

As we all know I have Gamer ADD. I couldn't stick with a project if my life depended on it. Thats why I make the list for the projects that are eligible for working on every year. Although I will say last year was not bad with the Phase 1 nappy's getting done, a couple of 15mm Sci Fi armies, a couple dozen RPG figs, WIPAL, the remount and painting of the 15mm C&C armies, and the like.

But since the Basement of Doom has been basically finished, but my Workshop of Doom is a shambles, I have had to sorta dip my toes back in. I set up on the new bar to paint, but haven't yet. I have done this though:

I mounted and flocked a 5 man unit of WWWII US walkers. 1/35 Mesuline MaK walkers. Beautifl and prepainted. I will eventually put some stars on them.

I based up the first 6 units of Leonardo by Gaslight that the Baron and I are working on. The Baron is in good shape. I need to do a bunch of painting.

I built and base coated 4 German WWI 1/144 scale planes for Blue MAx since we played at the Barons last thurs. Revisco/Skytrex. Not fun at all to build, but look good on a flying stand. Simpler to just buy the wings f war planes and repaint.

I dug out my 1/285 sci fi stuff last night afetr a couple of hours on Halo Wars. Then started making summary of rules for NetEpic 5.0 for EpicLite. Fast play with a bunch of stripped down options. It would be so fast to paint. May be my nest WIPAL project.

I really am jonesing for a project I just don't know what. The abyss that is Napoleonics awaits (pphase  two of the Brits, plus phase I of the spanish, plus individuals for Song of Drums and Shakos). My Post Apoc stuff calls as well. As does 28mm WWWII and 15mm Sci Fi. And the Vikings and Late Romans/Arthurians weep to be unleashed. I am project rich, but indecision rules the day.

I did buy the new AE Bounty rules last week. Look forward to getting them. Seems like a fun simple system. Ganesha should have done one for this genre (Sci Fi Bounty hunter warbands) but stopped Sci Fi at Mutants and Death Ray Guns.(I guess you oculd adapt Flying Lead).

HEAD. Please stop spinning, or I'll just play video games. Although, fixing the Workshop of Doom up would be a big help.

OH I almost forgot. The Baron is hosting his own MicroCon on August 27-28. Its a Basement Generals Event. Should be fun.