Monday, June 24, 2013

Quick Update - I'm a victim of my own pics - 6-24-13

So I posted those pics of the Spanish and I thought, man I'm really not in too bad of  shape with the French. I have 5 Infantry Units and 2 Cannon. That's a big Division. Just need two more for a game. So I started pulling fig boxes out and on sunday evening, I got 3 cav units (Cuirassier, Dragoon, and Chasseur) cleaned and built and mounted on paint sticks, and got 8 cannons and crew cleaned and prepped for building, and started building infantry units. I have 2 Inf antry units on sticks, and a bunch more to sort.

Not using HaT 1/72 minis, but this pic painting is spectacular

So I think I may be painting some french cannon and cav to go with the infantry I have completed. Put, I think I will be painting a unit of Infantry first to bring me up to 6 Infantry Units.

Based on the Barons comments, if I can get a couple of infantry units, the three cav units and a couple of Cannon, we could do Joseph's Kingdom of Spain Allied with French versus British.

It would line out like this I think.

Joseph I Spanish:
3 Line Infantry
1 Militia Infantry
1 Converged Grenadier Infantry
2 Foot Cannon
1 Dragoon

4 Line Infantry
2 Legere Infantry
4 Foot Cannon
1 Curiassier
1 Dragoon
1 Chasseur


6 Line Infantry
4 Light Infantry
4 Foot Cannon
2 Horse Cannon
1 Dragoon
1 Hussar
1 Lt. Dragoon

That would be 19 British units Vs 21 French allied Units. Based upon quality would probably be a good game. BRits would be 3-4 Divisions, French 3-4 Divisions.

At full build out, The Allied British/Spanish Army includes 9 more British Units (3 Cav, 2 Highland, 1 KGL Inf, 3 Cannon), and 5 more Spanish Units(1 Cav, 1 Inf, 1Militia, 2 Cannon), and the French is a total of 18 Infantry 10 Cannon, and 6 Cav.

Lots to go. About 1/2 way there.

My original Army Workup for the French. It has expanded by 50%.
And just a little insight. I have never painted 1 French Napoleonic Uniform. I have never been on the French side of the lottery when picking armies for painting Nappies. I always got someone else. I have Painted the Brits a couple of times now and truly love that army. But I have never gotten the chance to paint them. So I am looking forward to getting to know the uniform and how to paint it. I also have never had the chance to paint the French Cav, so that should be a real treat. Can you imagine, a Nappy enthusiast never painting a Cuirassier uniform? Or an Old Guardsman?

Thank you Angus, I get to stare at your beautiful work as reference.

Maybe its time to start.

Pics when there is progress.

Happy Brushing!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Spanish Napoleonics - Pics

Well finally, some pics for you kind readers.Been a while.

Quick set up of Spanish village buildings a too-blue background and poor lighting and you have a patented Lead Addict photoshoot!

Spanish division where it stands now. 1 Dragoon Unit, 2 Foot Cannon, 1 Provincial Militia Unit, and 3 Infantry Units. All Front Rank. I have another Dragoon unit on paint sticks, another infantry unit, 2 stands of grenadiers for a converged gren unit, 2 cannon, command, casualty counters and another militia unit to wrap it up. I also have the guerillas as well, but they will be mounted on singles for skirmishing. Need to do bases and flags, but this is a nice start for a Spanish Division to bolster the British Army for Black Powder.

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Uplifted Army of the Aquan League

Uplift -The development or transformation of animals into an intelligent race by other, already-intelligent beings.

On a planet of oceans, deep water lakes, wide coastal estuaries, and swamps, a hyper intelligent species came with 'The Gift'. The Others brought their gift and left untold millennia ago, leaving only their arcane temples and the modified genetic code for the Uplifted.

The Uplifted races of the Aquan League number fifteen. While the enigmatic Whales and Great Jellies dominate the thought, planning, and balance of the planet, the warrior species of the Karks, the Lamphreys, and the Orcind, dominate the armies of the league and the off-planet space navies and gunboat diplomacy that seems to dominate the League's actions. It is the warrior races that most who have encountered the league have seen, and cowered under their wrath.


Having finished the Numancia Dragoons, I need a change of pace. 15mm sci fi should fit the bill. First up, the the life aquatic of the Aquan League. A confederation of Uplifted aquatic species, the League has fifteen uplifted aquatic species with a highly regimented caste system. Whales and Great Jellies are the big thinkers, Karks, Lamphreys, and Orca are the warriors. Other species fill in other societal roles. I spent my would be painting time this weekend scraping, assembling, and getting on paint sticks the various troops of my Aquan forces.

I have the Khurasan Karks, Lamphreys and Orca ready to go. I have crab walkers, and manta drones and spider drones from GZG, and the one eyed fat suit guys from Micropanzer, as well as a couple of Micropanzer's old 32mm line that will be used as Mechs. Still not sure of the vehicles yet. Nothing has really struck me, but I have a bunch of options. So expect to see some 5mm SciFi for Gruntz coming soon.

Karks from Khurusan(pic from their website)

Lamphreys by Khurusan(pic from their website)

Orca from Khurusan(pic from their website)

Little fat dudes from Micropanzer(I call them water ticks)

Old battle walkers from Micropanzer that I think are owned by Rebel now. The version with claws looks great, but man what a pain these and the other walkers are to put together. 15mm figs come up to their knee.

Happy painting.


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Quick Update

I'm gonna start calling myself the lazy photographer. I never have my phone or camera when I want to take pics of my minis. So another pic-less post. Sorry folks.

Well after the last few months of cranking on 15mm Fantasy, I need a break. I added 8 new Orc units to the mix last month, so its time to think bigger.

I dusted off my Spanish Nappies and in one night got about 90% done with my Numancia Dragoon unit. So faces, bicorns and carbines and I should be done. I have a militia and line unit to do, plus some odds and ends.

Then the big question is: What next? Post Apoc(which unless its the Gamma World Bizzaro Post Apoc, I'm out.I ain't living The Road). Or maybe some of the Necormunda Gangs that have been sitting lonely for a very long time. And of course, there's always The French Nappies. I need to finish the Spanish and then we will see.

Happy brushing. And get playing!

Lead Addict.