Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Things have been pretty hectic around here. I have been focused on Home Improvement projects for the spring and taking care of the yard and assorted stuff. I am hoping that after this week, I can get some painting in. Hopefully saturday morning and early afternoon, before our football games. I am dying to get a British Command stand done, and get a crack at a couple of Rifles stands I need to add to the 95th. Then after that, I think I will paint some of my new Micro scale sci fi buildings I got at the con. what a great way to celebrate Easter.

But, last sunday I did get to check off a big one on my list that had been hanging around. A hand painted ground cloth. The Baron had done one for his table on the back of a vinyl table cloth. Looked great. So I grabbed one to paint about a year ago. I had every intention of putting hexes on it and using it for all of the different Commands and Colors games(Fantasy, Ancients, Napoleonics). But now that it is painted, I may just leave it alone. I really like the color and the texture of it. I used 3 colors of brown, and 4 colors of green to work my way up. It has nice depth to it and It looks good with figs on it. So finally, mission accomplished. I'd promise pics, but we all know that wont happen.

So I think I'll get another one and get another couple of pints of paint and do the C&C ground cloth I need to do.


Spacejacker said...

Speaking of hexes, After 5 years of to and fro on the subject I finally ordered a set of kallistra hexes. Im leaving the uk in 3 weeks so I figured its now or never!

Lead Addict said...

good thinking. I have a friend who uses them for all of his Commands and Colors Miniatures gaming and he loves them. You'll like them if you do hex games. Easy pick up and take down.