Wednesday, April 18, 2012

British Napoleonic Infantry - 4-18-12(pics)

Well, well, well. I am sure since my last few posts have been all text you can't believe I have pics. Well I do. I snapped a few shots of my Brit infantry before heading in this morning. Pics were quick so I apologize for the washed out color a nd a couple of blurry ones. Also some shots of the workshop. some look better small. A bit shakey. I have to get a tripod.

the first shots are a bit of the process I go through to knock them down.

Pants on all and jackets started

roughing in belts and lace
Just details left to paint(cuffs, collars, muskets)

rear is done

and the latest unit of Guards and The Royal 4th.

the complete 4 line units

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Adding in the Light infantry and Rifles, 8 units of 24 fig/6 stands each

95th rifles

Lt Inf Unit 1

Lt Inf Unit 2

Lt Inf Unit 3

Mtd Commander

Mtd Brigade/Army Commander

Mtd Cmd 2

Laid out in Reinforced thin, red, line
 A few notes: There a numerous things done right in the figs and the paint. But there are a few things that stickler Nappy Gamers/criticizers will point out. I know those issues. But after all is said and done, I am painting these for wargamming, not a museum. Hope you enjoy them.

I got the pants base painted on my next 50 figs, as well as faces. So that is the missing stand for the 3rd Lt Infantry unit, and a Unit of Guards (I assume I will do the 2nd), and a Unit of the 4th (a Royal, but not Guard unit, for the blue facings). Then its on to the Highlanders. Been researching the best way to get at Gordon's and the Black Watch kilts. They are the same government pattern with different over stripe. I will ignore the switch to trews and the terrible nayure of campaigning in a kilt and presnt all of mine in kilts and with pipers. Cause I want to.

And one more note on the commnad stands. I really want to have both the regimental and the royal flags for each unit. So I may need to paint up an extra flag bearer for each unit and replace somebody.  or pack somebody else in. We shall see. I plan on using WARGAMES FLAGS! for there flag sets. A huge variety of British Flags and they look nice.

I will be doing all of the ground painting and detailing as an army. So that's why there are no painted bases. I will be using my standard base covering, then my 3 part color system, then I am going to have some fun with Silfor grass tufts, field flowers, and such. Hope you enjoy.



Brummie said...

They just look awesome mate all ranked up like that

Lead Addict said...

Thanks Brummie I love em that way. Can't wait to finish the army so I can do the bases.

BaronVonJ said...

Lookin good. I think the 95th should have less figs and be more "skirmish-y".

Lead Addict said...

Well in black powder, that unit can be broken into two for 2 tiny units(since they were pretty small) one of the 95th, one of the 60th.

skirmishy comes later.