Thursday, April 26, 2012

Quick Update 4-26-12

I didn't get a chance to post after lunch yesterday, but I made some good progress on the British Guards units at lunch. So  little bit of the old WIPaL(What I Painted At Lunch) still lives. I got the tufts and swallows nests painted on the shoulders, the lacing on the jackets, the ever so small turnback of the coat at the waist(thin white line), and backpack straps.I also got the belts and the backpack shoulder and T straps on the first unit complete.

I was going to finish the belts and do the shakos at lunch today, but I got a request to participate in take your child to work day, so that usually means lunch out with dad. So no painting at lunch. But I like that painting at lunch will allow me some guilt-free painting time and it can actually be productive on assembly line painting.

Playing a play test of SFAR with the Basement Generals tonite, so we will see how that goes.

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