Monday, August 3, 2009

Nappy Game II - Russians vs French

Well here are the pics for the latest nappy game we had. 28mm. All from my Bro in law Al and his buddy Mike.

We are still using Age of Eagles, but are tweakiing the movement and range scales. We used 2x the 15mm chart and thats just too much. We used 1.5x this time and it was much better. We will try using 15mm range and movement with 28mm figs next time. I think 1.5 will be the best.

French vs. Russians with a British Dragoon brigade in observation.
18 infantry units, 9 cannon, 10 cav units a side. 8 players.

started at noonish(didnt really start til 1:00). declared a marginal victory for the french at 6:30.
Great time. Had some new faces. And it was great to see the ol' 16' table put to good use again.
Here's the pics:

Initial Setup
Left Flank - 10 French Cav units vs. 7 Russians - Bad News for the Russians
Looking back down the line at the start of the game

The Russain middle
The mass of Russians slowly advancing to cover

Right flank - a skirmish action on the other side of the river.
Wiating fo rthe French cav victory that hasn't happened yet because of the stalwart Russian guard cav holding them back. A good delaying action by the Russian cav if I do say so myself.
French get antsy and finally charge russian left flank - why have the french cav not broken through?
Russian cav getting whittled away by the superior numbers of the french
French grognards break through on Russain left.
French cav enboldened by the Frech sloggers breaking through, almost has the russian cav broken.
Russian cav reforming for one final defense

The fortress like russian center, pounding the weaker French middle as they come in to attack.
Russian Grand Battery surrounded by troops
The middle is about to get hot.
That's all the pics I took. In the end the French Cav and the infantry break through on the left gave the French, what was all agreed to, a marginal victory. the delaying action the ta the Russian cav performed gave the Russian army valuable time that it never expolited fully. The entire Russina middle was fresh with the french starting to take some heavy casualties.
All in all a great game. Thanks for everyone who showed up.