Monday, April 2, 2012

Post Recruits Follow-Up

Well, another recruits is under the belt. All told I think I have been to 18 of the nineteen conventions for the last 10 years. The next one, Recruits 20/10 is the 10th anniversary of that first game day where Duan reached out to the gamers he knew and the gaming community in Kansas City and said I'll host a game day at my school so my club kids can see what wargamming is all about. Thanks for all the hard work to Duane, Laura, Nick and everyone else who puts on such a great.


Friday Night - Played a stunning and fun FIW game using this Very Ground rules, and John Jenkins 54mm painted toys soldiers. Amazing. Put on by Chris, this game was a lot of fun, although a little off balance and the natives and french rolled crazy good. Add to that some bad tactics on our side and the result: A total loss for The Colonials. Nice to see the guys from Tulsa too. Chris, Jamie, and Paul are a real pleasure to game with and it feels very much how we all hope gaming should be. Fun, lots of laughs, strategy, and even after a bit of seriousness, laughing at ourselves. Good show Chris!

Staurday - We had football games in the afternoon, so me and the boys(who have been to 12 and 6 Recruits respectively) wnet for the morning session. I didn't plan on playing this session. Wanted to shop, browse, look at games, and talk to old friends. Mission accomplished! The list of things bought:

OGRE Miniatures - 4 boxes - Ogre MkIII, Combine heavy tanks, PanEuro Hvy Tanks, Pan Euro Infantry and transports - I have a,ways wanted some of these, and having an Ogre really tipped the scale for me. Since they will fit in with the Micro Sci Fi/Mechwarrior Repaints/CAV minis(that reminds me, I need to repost some of my micro sci fi stuff for Mike) I am doing They have lots of playability.

CAV - I opicked up some really cheap CAV blisters of all 3 extra weapon packs, and a hover missle tank. Always loved their line, some of the Giant Robots are goofy, but some, Like the Dictator, are magnificent.

JR Sci Fi Terrain - crazy good deal on a bunch of JR Miniataures Terrain hydrocast (I think) terrain pieces. Micro armor scale. I think I got about 15 assorted pieces for less than $10.00. Adds a little bit of Sci Fi flair to my micor buildings.

Monsterpacalypse - The thing I like about prepaints is you can get them cheap at a convention. Me and the boy were hunting for Monsters so we can play the new Mighty Monsters game from Ganesha with Ze BAron and his boy. We have a big box of them already, but there are a bunch we still don't have. and after a couple of really good deals, we got a bunch of good stuff to use. 6-7 Monsters, ton of units. Good day for that stuff. I acrtually came looking for this so that was nice. And thanks to Space Jacker for fanning the flames for giant monsters.

15mm ECW - A great guy(I don't remember his name) that sells QRF and Freikorps, had a couple of painted 15mm Freikorps and Essex ECW units for sale. I was impressed by the Freikorps. Had never seen many of them painted before. Afetr some discussions I went ahead and bought the painted figs and a couple of blisters of cav. All told it was 2 full units of Pike and Shotte and 2 cannons. Added to the collection I bought from Ze Baron(all Essex, Beautifully painted) last Recruits, I now have 9 ECW units, 3 cannon units, and 4-6 cav units, depending how you break them out. Almost enough to play the new Pike and Shotte rules that are coming out. Much like Nappies, ECW is a reall sink hole for me. I have tons in 28mm, I have this great start in 15mm, I have some packs of 10mm cause I thought about that before the 15's, and I also have some 6mm. In the end, I will stick with 28mm and 15mm. I'll get rid of the rest at the next recruits. Really looking forward to Pike and Shotte rules.

Saw some great games. Talked to Nick about his Nappy system. I like his methodology and his reasons for getting to Grand Tactical Nappies, where movement is huge and you actually have flanks. Table looked good.Nice job Nick. Nick also works really hard at getting games for Recruits. So thanks for that too.

The youngest had a lot of fun playing Star Wars Miniatures space battles.

It was a good con as ususal. Thanks to all those who put it on, all the vendors who come to ply their wares, and all the gamers who run and play games.

See you at 20/10!

PS: the weather finally allowed me to paint the ground cloth I always wanted. I spent about an hours paint and texturing a 5'x8' ground cloth thats not just green. Can't wait to use it.


BaronVonJ said...

Pictures? An dhow come I couldn't find any of that stuff? I wanted some Monsterapocolypse stuff, too.

Lead Addict said...

Sorry poopy pants. Got to be there to do the deal.