Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Napoleonic Update - 2-28-12

A quick one today. I got about an hour so got the bulk of the unit finished. Buff facings, Regular line unit. I have to finish off the commnad, but have them mostly painted. I lik eto do them kinda separate so I can feel like I will spend the time on them that I need to. always fun painting a drummers uniform. Reverse colors are my favorite. too bad its covered in white lace everywhere. Anyway here's a quick pick this morning before work:

New unit in front missing their command, but on their stands. Grens on the right, lights on the left. Unit 1 from yesterday is behind them.

If I can get another hour tonite or tomorrow, I will finish the unit, then on to the rifles next week.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Napoleonic Update 2-27-12

I like doing these quick updates. Helps me focus on the moment.

So at the moment. Some progress.
1 unit of British Light Infantry done.

Six Stand Unit completed

Closeup of the Command

My style is pretty impressionistic when I am unit painting. I tend to make some folds where there aren't any at times as well. Looks good on the tabletop.

I am well into the next unit. I have canteens, facings, and finishing the command.
Next Unit. I like Marching pose. It really exposes the British uifrorm.

I am getting the knack of the British Uniform again. And the painting of the second unit went really quick. The pose helped too, and I have a bunch more in the march pose, whew. Its been pretty fun. If I could do 2 units a month, that would be awesome. If I can finsih the current unit before thursday, I would have gotten the february count done(even though I didn't get started until the end of the month). and I can move on to March.

After the current unit, I will be adding 2 stands to my Rifles to bring them up to 6, and 2 stands to each of my undersized units. Goal for March = get all the undersized units up to size. Tat would be a total of 12 stands, the equivelant of 2 units. At the end of March, that would mean I have 8 complete units, 6 Cannon, and 1 Cv Completed. Afetr that it would be 2 Cav units for April, and Highlanders for May.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Napoleonics - Update 2-23-12

Couple of quick picks to show you progress on my British Nappies.

I had originally formed and based all my units for Age of Eagles/Napoleonic Fire and Fury on Napoleons BAttles lines, so the Brits had 4 stand units, 3 units to a Division, while the french had 6 stand units, 2 to a Division. Well this won't really work for Black Powder, so I needed to bump my units up to 6 stands(16 to 24 figs). So In the end I will have a bunch of Command left over. So I spent the evening scraping, and mounting and painting faces and trousers to get the add ons up to the point the rest of the unit is. I still have a bit to do. But you can see my process here.  

The first pic shows my process pretty well. This is two units on paint sticks(free paint stirrers from Home Depot). I paint everything I do this way, unless it is a one off. so I mount the figs, spray black. Then do faces and hands base color(Game color Dwarf Flesh), then wash with Game Color Flesh wash. Mix a drop of the wash into the straight Dwarf Flesh, highlight, then work up from there. Ususally 2-3 highlights.

Then trousers, then jackets, then retrim all belts and trim black, then straight thinned white for them. nextis all the details. and done. 

Unit in Front has Flesh done, trousers done, jackets base painted and highlighted. Second Unit has flesh, and trousers done, jackets base painted.

This is the whole group of figs I am working on now. Flesh is done on all of them. Will probably spend the weekend doing trousers and jackets, and hopefully some lace and belts. I have 3 units here, plus the extra stands needed for three other finished units. And a stick of command that will have to wait for some troops to go with it.

I will have, once this initial group of infantry is done, 6 units of infantry, 1 unit of Cav, 6 cannon and command done. The next group will have the extra stands for my Rifles, another 2 Infantry units, and a Large Highlander unit. Then would be a unit of Lt Dragoons in Tarleton, A unit of Hussars and 3 more cannon. After that, a unit of KGL Lt. Dragoons in Shako and 2 Legion Infantry Units.

That would put the army at 12 Infantry Units, 4 Cav Units, and 9 Cannon. I think I could live with that. And if that happens, its Spanish Time. Been waiting for a long time to paint those boys. And then French. 

That is probably a years worth of painting the British for me, but doable I think. Also, I'll have to make room on the table to paint the amazing Khurusan Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions when they finally come out, and some armor and opponents. We shall see.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Follow up Pics of 15mm Dungeon Project - Undead

Here's the follow up pics of the 15mm Dungeon Undead I promised.

As ususal, I wish my photography skills were better.

The Necromancer Lord

rear shot

Necromancer's Captain/Champion

rear shot

Master and faithful servant
Human acolytes of the undead


rear shot

group shot

Group shot with reanimated skeleton servants

wider shot
Orange skinned Ogre

front shot

rear shot

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Update 2-20-12

I finished up the first phase of the monsters for my dungeon project over the weekend.

I have added:

Human cultists of the undead
Undead Necromancer
Necromancers Bodyguard
An orange skinned Ogre

I will do a couple of adventurer warbands to help develop rules for.

Pics tomorrow.

I got  serious hankering to do some Black Powder and to finish one of my great loves, my 28mm Peninsular British Army. I have joked about Nappy Fever before on this blog. What this really means is once I start painting Napoleonics, I usually get obsessed about it and it takes me a while to get it out of my system. So right now, that feels ok. I don't have anything that's driving me to paint it right now other than the Nappies, and while I am ruminating on getting a bunch of new Khurasan figs to continue my collection for Post Apoc and Sci Fi, this is a good time to concentrate.

So I think the Spring/Summer 2012 list looks something like this:

28mm British Peninsular
28mm French Peninsular
15mm Dungeon Crawl
15mm Sci Fi/Post Apoc

A potential new contender may be a group project for Dystopian Wars. We shall see.

I'll be posting progress pics of the Brits as I go along.

Thought I would throw up some pics of the progress pf the Army as it sits now.

Infantry Units. I will be adding 2 stands to each of these so I can have a 24 man 6 stand unit for Black Powder

Brigade Commander

Hvy Dragoons

Royal Artillery


Thursday, February 16, 2012

New 15mm dungeon Pics

New Pics of 3 new rooms, and some new monsters. Zombies, Skeletons, Wights, Undead Wolves, Rat Swarms, and Giant Lizards.

New water pit tile. For spawning monsters, drinking, or hiding things in.

Throne Room tile. Cehckerboard tiles and Dais.

zombies emerge form the spawning pool


Emerging for brains!

close ups

more close ups

one more close up

zombie wolves

close up

Close up


Skeleton Horde


rat swarm

close up

Giant Lizards.
 All figs from the great Khurusan, excpet the lizards which are GW.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And this doesn't help much...

Or this:

nor this:

Or even this bit of cleverness from Kabuki:

I feel a bit under the weather

I sent this letter to my old friend, Ze Baron. It is about intrigue, sickness, obsession. I am sure I am not the only one with an ailment. It just feels good to talk about once in a while:


After reading your last post, it doesn’t seem that we will get around to Marlborough for another couple of years(see how realistic I am now), which is fine.

But as I finished my companion army for 6mm Sci Fi(that’s right two complete armies finished and based, with a good bunch of terrain), I finished off some 15mm monster for the dungeon project and wondered where I was going….

I have a nice little group of undead single 15mm figs I am working on. (from skeletons, to zombies, to wights, to werewolves, to a vampire and crazy vampire in bat form on steroids, the reaper, and of course an evil necromancer to lead them). A really great demonworld ogre. So I will be picking them off one by one as I decide on a system to play it with(probably similar in mechanics to WH Quest).

I then have the last highlights of a big group of 15mm Sci Fi Vehicles to finish off my Quick Reactionary Force. So I really should get that completed.

And I really would like to get a jump on my Hail Caesar! Fantasy armies. Elves, Wood Elves Contingent, Undead, Bretonnians, Orcs, Empire, Dwarves(and I have all of it). Been a long time since I painted a fantasy army. I suspect this one would look rather nice.

But as I was digging the other day, I came across my 28mm British Penninsular all lined up and primered on sticks. Ready for love. And then I saw my  box that has the next phase(Phase III) on sticks, with my Spanish on sticks and primed and ready to go. And then I looked at what I already had painted…

I felt flushed, and a bead of sweat rolled down my forehead. My hands began to shake. I had to get out of there, or I knew I would succumb to NAPPY FEVER!!!!!!


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

6mm Sci Fi, - Now with some quick pics

OK, Brummie has shamed me into taking the time to get some pics off.

These are of the first 6mm Sci Fi Force. Let's call them Force Alpha.

An all grav force, with advanced weapons (Lasers, Particle Projectors, Mass Drivers, etc)

Urban camo, national marking is the yellow circle.

Covered by a Assault Fighter, Assault Dropships look for the LZ to disgorge their cargo.

Assualt Dropships and Assault fighter streak through town.

Assault Fighter streaks low over the Town

Light and Heavy Speeders race to grab the high ground.

Medium Twin Laser Tanks

Medium Tanks

Assualt Dropships release their Power Armor Infantry.

3 fully supported Leg Infantry Units, with MICV's and Scout Cars behind.

A full Leg Infantry Squad, with full Support Assets. r to l: front row: Man Portable AT Missle Crew, Squad Machine Gun, Squad Leader, Hvy MG Support. (last stand is from unit next to it). Second Row: Standard Leg Infantry Fire Team(x3). Rear Row: Support Robot with Laser Cannon, PPG, and Assault Fist, Med Mortar Support Crew. 

Closeup of MICV's and Hvy Tanks behind, Support Robot in front

More Leg Infantry

A Tactical Support Robot assign to the leg infantry squad

Leg Infatry and Support

Swift Scout Cars

MICV's for the leg Infantry

Assault Carriers drop their Cargo, Power Armored Infantry!

Heavy Tanks

Heavy Mad Driver Gun Tanks

A cobbled together HEavy experimental Particle Fusion Gun Tank

Med Twin Laser Tank, Heavy Particle Fusion Tank, Heavy Mass Driver Tank

Looking through the ruined town at the force.
The second force, Bravo Force, is painted green, with national colors. Infantry are being finished, I'll post when I am done with them this weekend.