Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day - A Little Progress and a Tangent

So on Memorial Day, I got to do several things that I love. I got to paint, watch movies, and be with my boys.

Painting-Well some progress there. I got my GZG High Mobility Force base painted and washed. Snapped a wheel off one of my MBT's , but I will rig it so it stays.

Pic is a little dark, but they are ready for wet brushing then highlighting and detailing.

I also got a squad of Power Armor for my NAC Tropers cleaned and put on paint sticks. They are Blue Moon Orion Power Armor guys. A little Pulpy, but not out of place for the NAC guys.

Next, since I was Memorial Day, and I like to paint something related (at least somewhat related) I decided to build and prime my GRindhouse Games, Incurion American APE suit guys. Great Box Set. 6 guys, tons of character. Made me feel like I did when I put together my box of Classic GW metal Terminators. Really wel sculptaed and easy to put together. No flash. I am very pleased. They were a gift from the wife for xmas this year and I am glad I finally got them built and primed.

 You can see the squad base and primed, ready for a base coat. In the background you may notice a couple of walkers. Well they are AT-43 walkers. Everyone I have seen paints these as german walkers, but I kinday liked them to go with my americans, so I did a little work, and voila, american WWWII walkers.

 Here's a small one that will be a Scout Walker. I am going to add a .50 cal mount somewhere and a fixed light cannon.
 Here is a Heavy Tank Destroyer Walker. A long gun and sheild added from a Tamiya M-41 Walker Bulldog Kit, along with a .50 call on a swivel mount and a couple of gas cans. Tarps, and netting to be added too I think. I kept the 2 rocket pods. I think it takes the tech level down to an acceptable level.

APE suits included to see size comparison. I am excited about painting these because Agis has just released Victory Decision WWII rules, and since he is a big fan of WWWII, I just bet a supplement is coming for WWWII somtime in the future. And just add a couple of super heroes, and you got a wild and woolly WWWII game. And it gives me a chance to use my painted 28mm WWII guys and paint some of unpainted hordes of WWII guys I have.

I will paint these guys up as an aside then get back to my GZG Armor.

Movies - Well, I watched the whole box set of Band Of Brothers. One of my all time favorites.

Boys - While the 2 oldest were off doing their thing, the youngest hung out with Dad a little bit. We built a Snap Tite kit of an A-10 Thunderbolt II (Warthog). It was one of the prepainted on the sprue kits. I cut off the peieces, he assembled them. It was great. Growing up I was a model junkie, so I was glad to see it. I pulled out another snap tite kit to try (a skill level 7 Master Grade Mobile Suit Gundam 1/100 scale) but it was crazy. And the boy couldn't really do any of it. It took me an hours to assemble the arms. HE got bored. So I said maybe later and he ran off to play with his friends. The Warthog was fun. I will get him some more kits to try. I have about a hundred or so mixed plane and armor and figure kits, but they are all glue kits, and he's not quite ready for that he said. 

Thanks for looking.

Memorial Day - Thank You For Your Service

Memorial Day weekend is ususal a great weekend for me. Usually spent paintballing with the family, a three day weekend, great movies on TV, and I usually get some time to paint. I got all of the above and more.
And, as we all try to work from weekend to weekend, holiday to holiday, just to get a break, we sometimes lose track of why we get these days. Sometimes the little things give you a chance to remeber and say thanks to those who served our country in the Armed Services, and helped protect not only our freedom, but those around the globe, whether in war, or not.

Whenever I see a VET, I always try to thank them for their service. Nothing big, nothing grandious. But I always thank them for serving, so that I didn't have to. Not that I wouldn't have if required, but their service made it possible that no one demanded mine or my brother, or most of my friends service. So for that I thank you for your sacrifice and honor in the defense of this country.

I had a teaching moment this weekend. Nothing big, but a Veteran, An Navy Veteran (He had a Navy VEt hat on, and had tats on his forearms) from Korea or WWII got out of his car to get a big skip cart out of a parking stall at Sam Club, as me and my boys were coming out. I rushed up, asked if I could get that cart out of his way, and thanked him for his service, and was on my way.

Nothing big, no big production. When we got in the car my middle boy asked me why I did what I did, and why and what I menat by thanking him for his service. It gave me a chance to put a face to Memorial Day(even though their grandpas all served during Viet Nam) and to all those video games and first person shooters. I got to explain their duty, sacrifice, honor, and putting their lives on the line so that my boys could go play paintball Sunday afternoon. Little Things.

So I want to thank all of those who served this great country. Thank you for being willing to pay the ultimate price for our freedom, our lives, our safety. Not Such a Litlle Thing.

And let's bring all those serving and fighting for us now home safe, soon.

Friday, May 20, 2011

GZG NAC Infantry

Well, the GZG NAC Infantry is cleaned and on paint sticks. I should be able to get them primed this weekend. But I am going to paint the Hi Mobility Vehicles first to finish off the Recon force and be done with an army.

Here's a look at what I have . All photos from GZG's new webstore. http://shop.groundzerogames.net/
15mm NAC Infantry packs. Two of each. Need to pick up a couple more of the basic rifle packs(pics 1 and two). And will probably add a couple more drones to the force.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Another two hours...

Another two hours and this...

I got my entire GZG Grav force built last night. 2 MBT's, 4 MICV's, 4 Gun Sleds(LT Tank/scouts), 2 Remote support platforms(1 Gatling, 1 Guided Missle). This is a main force type of army. I need to add mechs (Heavy Gears of some kind, probably Northern, or the new Valkrye mechs that have been getting some play are nice too), and a few Heavy Power Armor Guys as well. I will be using the GZG NAC troops for the Main Force Infantry.

2 stands of CMG Light Recon are shown for scale.

Here is the completely built GZG Hi -Mobility force, adding the last MBT. They have fewer units than the Grav Sled Group, but the infantry will be better armored and trained as a quick reactionary force.  (CMG Light Recon Troops) 

Here is the GZG NAC Infantry in there little plastic homes. Should be getting these out and organized and on painting sticks for priming tonite. about 16 bags of assorted infantry, comm, specialists, and hvy weapons. And Jon threw in a RAM mortar and a set of the new trikes for me as well on my last order. Great guy, that!

Here's a couple of Mules for the High Mobility QRF, even though they have NAC uniforms. A driver/rat patrol version, and a remote controlled version.

Hope to begin the priming by the end of the week, painting as possible over the weekend. Hope to be done with the Hi-Mobility force in 2 weeks. I would love to have the Main Force done by the end of June.

We've been talking about rules to use, and are going to try out Future War Commander, Dirtside II(a small version), and even a home grown set I have been working on. Robofire would work too, if we can get some more emphasis on Infantry and less on Robos (I know that's not what you intended Scott, but we like the system). Any others we should try? Not sure if Tomorrows War will work because of its focus on individuals, not fire teams or sections(which is how I have based all my infantry), but we shall see. the Ambush Alley guys are coming to Recruits for the big rollout for Tomorrow's War this fall, so I will get a chance to quiz them on it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Project

Well, the medievals of Sir Percival are complete, just need to flock the bases. Once flocked I will post good pics of them.  So, as promised, I started on my 15mm Sci Fi again, for my summer project. It was a close run thing as I looked at about 10 other projects to decide if I wanted to start them first (28mm ECW, Mech Warrior Click Repaints, 28mm Nappies, 28mm Post Apoc gangs, 28mm Medievals, 15mm Fantasy, 28mm High Elves, etc). 

Two hours later, I had made the decision to go ahead with my 15mm Sci Fi. So I got out my xmas present out, and started building. A little while later, I had all but 1 tank made from my Hi Mobility Wheeled Force  from GZG. 3 APCs, 2 MBTs, 1 Command truck, 2 Scout Cars. Nice little supplemental vehicle force for my CMG Light Recon.  

Overall new force(minus 1 tank) with finished inf.

Ground level shot for scale of MBT, Inf, Scout Cars, and one of the Infantry Walkers

Close up of APC's and infantry

Ground level shot of Inf and APC's with Infantry Walker

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

An actuall gaming post.

Well, now that all that stylish blogger nonsense is out of the way, I did get a chance to finish my knights for Sir Percival, Icon Bearer of the King.

These pics are of the two current warbands I have done and the Kings cav unit.

I am a little torn about keeping these single skirmish mounted, cause they look really good on group bases. and could be used for Flower of Chivalry and Commands and Colors. What to do, what to do. the BAron recommends staying with singles, to skirmish/warband with, which was the original intent. But I sure would like to have these guys ready to fight my elves.