Monday, April 23, 2012

Quick Update - 4-23-2012

Gamer ADD has struck a little bit here at the Workshop of Doom. Visions of Heavy Gear and 15mm Sci Fi and Post Apoc dance in my head. But I have pushed them aside and I am trying very hard to stay focused. And focus provides rewards.

So I continued to hammer at the British infantry. I have the two guards units(both guards now, not a Royal and a Guard) complete from the waist down(pants and boots), jackets are complete, haversacks are complete, canteens, back packs, cartridge boxes and bed rolls are base painted. Need to do highlights for the above, and then start on the lace, shakos, muskets. I assume I am about 4-6 hours of painting time away from finishing all but the command stands. Probably need another hour or two for the two commnad stands.

Then on to the Highlanders. Gordon and Black Watch as I mentioned before. Then the reward. Four more units of Cav. I will probably do 1 Unit as KGL Hussars, then do 2 Line Units of KGL and a Horse Gun. A nice sturdy little Brigade.

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knobgobbler said...

The gamer ADD has eaten my head of late too... I should be painting my Chaos forces but instead I've been sucked into 15mm combat racing... Speed Rally with Johnny Lightning cars... which leads to more 15mm stuff and the old 1/87 Heavy Gears and on and on, forward and sidewayeth.