Monday, May 7, 2012

Update 5-7-12

Well, I have been busy doing other things, but, a spring thunderstorm allowed me to put some much needed time in on the British Guards Units I was working on.

And success. I finished both yesterday about 8:00. I now have 10 British Infantry Units for the Pennisula. A great feat for me for sure. I have 2 units of Highlanders on the table ready to be started. and I am sorely tempted. But painting 50 figs at a time is a slog. It is great when they are done, but man its a marathon. I may need some relief. I have painted the equivelant of 7 units on tha last few months and I may need a break. That may be the most productive I have ever been in painting an army.

Problem is, I really wanted to get the Highlanders, a Lt Dragoon, an Hussar, and a couple more Cannons painted by the end of July. If I let ADD take over I will be off on a tangent and who knows when I will come back. If I don't take a break, then my painting may suffer. The verdict is out. Maybe some Ponies, then finishing with the Highlanders is what I need to do.

I the mean time, Khurusan has still not released the Jasmine Throne Foreign Battalions yet. Hmm...

I may be needing some Post Apoc goodness. We shall see.


Spacejacker said...

Grab some of that Post-apoc... The sculpts are incredible and every figure is a lot of fun!

Lead Addict said...

I've been thinking hard about that one. But that could lead to all kinds of terrain and such. I will take it under serious advisement. You doing anything cool thats new for Khurusan?