Monday, March 22, 2010

Progress, well some

Well, its been a little while since an update and I would like to say that I hate winter! I am sick of it and all its snow. We received 8-12" of snow friday and saturday and Friday it was 65 degrees. Come on spring.

So...the feared basement remodel has happened, so I had to box up and put away a bunch of stuff cause my workshop is getting redone along with the  rest of the basement. So good for me in the future, not so good for production right now. And I am doing most of the work myself.

What have I been working on? Well, I got another great present from the wife for my birthday on february. A GZG 15mm Grav force with NAC infantry. Its awesome. I just love 15mm scifi. I have so much I want to buy its killing me. I may clear out the closet of doom and concentrate on just a few periods. I dunno. Sure is tempting.

I have rebased the Demonworld Wood Elf army for Battlelore, and that is going nicely. I am painting a unit of Armored centaurs currently, although they may have been packed away in the chaos.

I have so much I want to do and no time, frustrating.

I may add one new project to the list. I dunno. I played Fast Play Grand Armee with the Basement Generals at Ze Barons house on thursday. Scott had his 6mm Bacchus stuff to game with. Pretty. Fun. Easy to play. No arguing. I may redo all of my 15mm Napoleonics (its a huge collection) and rebase on 3" stands for FPGA. This would be a major project. Probably 2-3 months each night straight through. Currently they are baseed for Age of Eagles/NApoelonic Fire & Fury/Napoleons Battles. I hate rebasing. More than anything in gaming.

I have made a commitment to finish the basement by Mothers Day, so I should be back in full swing by June, I hope.

On the reading front, I am currently reading the John Carter adventures anthilogy. Its great. Never read the pulp stuff before. Next up is the Doc Savage books my step-dad loves so much. Just finshed Burning Lnads by Cornwell. Its is the 5th book in the Saxon Tales series. It was fantastic as ususal. Its building to a nice confrontation in the next one. Also rereading The Mercenary by Jerry Pournelle. I loved it the first time. Its as good the second time. So much opportunity for gaming in the series.

Recruits is coming this weekend. Happy Gaming.