Friday, February 25, 2011

Lagging of Late - But there's hope

Well I have been exhausted. The tank was on empty after the emotional rollercoaster that was the wrestling tournament. We are very proud of the boy and all he accomplished this year.

And as soon as we got home, I got the flu. Just now getting over it. Lost the whole weekend last week. So not really in the mood to hold up the 50 pound head full of snot over the paint table. So nothing has gotten done.

But tiume marches on.

I was blessed to make it to another birthday this week. So to celebrate for myself I picked up a couple of nblisters of the Uncharted Seas ships to use for the GW classic game Man O War. I have every fleet they made for the original, and you can use the smaller ships in the US line to make fleets for MAn O War scale fleets.

So I loved the Ralgard from day one and so picked up the cruiser and frigates to use as the Flagship and ship o the line ships for MOW. I will need to sculpt the small ships, but thats ok. The US castings are clearn and better detailed than any of the MOW ships ever were. HEre's some pics.

Cool stuff. Really like the new Heavy Crusier and that it can be the Admirals ship, being different than the regular cruiser.

I also picked up one of the awesome war balloon blisters as well. Should be a nice diversion from Mechwarrior repaints. also trying to decide on what I want to put in the que for 28mm right now. Probably more post-apoc, but I have been toying with sci-fi and a new project. And the Baron got all of the started fleets of Dystopian wars for xmas. I am drawn to the Empire of the Rising Sun, especially their land forces. and there's all that 15mm sci fi I need to do. We shall see.

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Personal Note

I don't usually do these on my gaming blog, and I usually like to keep the family out of the gaming, except for the boys exploits, but had to just drop a note.

My oldest son qualified for the Missouri State High School Wrestling Championships in Columbia, Missouri.

We are very proud of all that he has done. And his hard work and a little luck never hurts either. He has only been wrestling for 4 years. The rest of the kids in his class and weight have been doing this for years.

Good job Bud!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OK so I lied.

OK so I lied. I don't just have a few more mechs and tanks for Robofire!

I figured since I had a decent start, why stop there. Why not go full OCD on the stuff and put in two more orders from Troll and Toad for Tanks and Mechs from the clicky MechWarrrior line. Cripes! It never eds.

So The idea is that I can paint up two full armored forces and a couple of mercenary groups to play Iron Cow, Dirtside II, Strike Legion and Epic:Gold, (needing about 40-50 units a side) and then use them for Robofire! as well, since it really is small operations at 5-7 units a side.

I really like the armor and vehicles from the line, and since you can pick and choose the ones you like , even better. You can leave some of the more wonky ones alone.

So this project will be going on for a while this year.

Now I need to keep chugging on the Medievals, and a couple of post apoc gangs and maybe even start to paint that Chaos Marauder warband.

Gonna be a good year.

21! Thanks

I'm now legal!.

Oh, I guess that's not right, I'm not 21, twice that, but the blog has 21 followers now. So thanks to all of you have been following the wandering adventures of a lead addict.

And a special thanks to the Baron, whose continues to feed my addiction in various and sundry ways.

So here's a recap of my first post in June of 2008:

"First post of the Lead Addict Blog.

I am addicted to lead. Lead in the shape of toy soldiers. I paint them, play with them, and now blog about them.

I have been a wargamer and rpg'r for a very long time. This is my site devoted to the those brave silent souls who die willingly on the tabletop, just so they can be out of their storage boxes and breathe clean air.

I am a collector, painter, rules writer, and terrain maker. I will be posting whatever I can get pics of from my massive collection, my friends collections, and my brother in laws collection. Til then, keep the lead hot and the vents open.

ken "

Yeah, still feel the same way. still love all of this stuff.

so thanks for following my little corner of the world, I hope that I can get a bunch more photos and writeups and stuff done this year.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robofire! - Or how to have fun with Supersystem and Battletech

Hello gentle readers. As we in the midwest unbury ourselves from the recent blizzard, I thought I would post about what me and the Baron have been up to.

Scott Pyle of Supersystem and the Four Color Figures Blog fame has generously allowed the BAron and I to play test a game he has been working on. Robofire! Its a way to use the big stompy robots and tanks in a fast and fun way, with minimal bookkeeping, and is based on his terriffic Goalsystem rule system.

The rules are pretty raw, and sop we are plowing ahead with games as written to make suggestions on some changes. Overall its a blast, is fast and fun, and lets us use the big stompy robots we all love/hate.

First things first. I am firmly in the camp of not liking giant robots as big as a building walking around on a high tech battlefield. Too big, too expensive, too easy to destroy. (My hard sci fi roots can't help me over this). I can go about as far as Heavy Gear, where the mechs are about 15-18' tall.

But, one of my first wargames I ever bought was the boxed set of Battletech, and I loved all of the Macross mechs. So I am torn. So screw it, in the end I want to paint and game and have fun, so there's room for it all.

So this and Robofire has led the Baron and I to Troll and Toad to buy discount clicky Battletech plastics for repainting. And am I glad. I have had a blast this last week painting my new figs.

So here they are. A faction for our gaming pleasure. Painted in a weekend and on a couple of snow days.

40 stands of Infantry, 8 tanks and vehicles, 2 mechs. I have 3 more tanks, and 2 more mechs to complete the force.

I'm pretty happy with them. Tried to keep it simple. Simple paint scheme. Simple highlighting on panel lines, little bit of detail work. Nice wash of GW Devlan Mudd (its the holy grail of washes). Done.

I have another faction I'm doing next. About the same size. Then I need to paint some terrain buildings so we can play this at Recruits in March. Can't wait.

I am working on a variant for Heavy Gear. Its a little more complicated, captures the gear combat pretty well. Thanks Scott, for the rules. They are a blast.