Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heavy Gear

Just a quick note on my Heavy Gear posts. I did end up counting both of my collections. And a sickening tally is:

DP9 1/144 scale (current) = 67 plus 4 tanks and 2 striders. Most in Blisters.

RAFM 1/87 scale (old) = 213, includes light tanks, striders, infantry and artillery. Most in Blisters.

I really need to do something with this. After my Highlanders are done, I am going to put in some time on working out the Heavy Gear Stats for Robofire. Here's a sample card:


BaronVonJ said...

I had no idea you had that many big ones.

Lead Addict said...

Yeah dude its a lot.

Matt said...

That's a lot! Have you made any progress with your Heavy Gear / Robofire project?