Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patton's D&D

I just watched this and I am floored. I love Patton Oswalt and his book Zombie Spcaeship, Wasteland. His chapter on D&D is terrific. So enjoy this fantastic version on acoustic guitar, sung by cute, earnest and very lovely sounding girls.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Post Apoc Game at the Barons

We played with some of the new post apoc terrain last night to get our feet wet for our Fallout/Post Apoc game for Recruits Con in September.

We are using the new rules The Baron and I wrote. They are a post apoc mod for the published rules the wrote: Fistful of Lead. FoL is an Old West shoot'em up game, using quick resolution, and a card based turn mechanic. Great fun and we have shot up Lesterville on many an occassion.

Well my great skirmish love is post apocalyptic. It's pretty fun to model ruins and with all the great scavenger and mutant figs on the market, its just too fun. So we decided to add a bunch of chrome to FoL, retool a few things, and we now have Fistful of Lead: Warriors of the Wastelands, or FoL:WoW.

We played our first real playtest last night with the Basement Generals. simple looting scenario, but it was fun doing real playtesting with the guys. Thanks for all your suggestions and input.

Here's some picks:

skirmish in Shanty Town

RPG vs Flamethrower

Reese's Boys take a run down the street

Overall Layout with the Generals

Collapsed building with rubble piles and cars

Jackson Drive Playas moving forward against the Muties  

Shotgun vs Machine Gun
It was a fun night. We got some good stuff resolved on some random charts, how to keep the game moving, some weapon rules, etc.

thanks again to the Generals. One thing I do know, I have a lot of painting to do to be ready for the con.   

Monday, August 8, 2011

Post Apoc - Shanty Town and Rubble/Rubbish Piles

Well, I moved on to my Shanty Town and Rubbish Piles for my Post Apoc/Fallout project. I also base painted Post Apoc Building #4 this weekend.

Shanty Town. Here's some pics of the shanties primed, then the first set painted. All told, the first wave of the Shanty Town is 16 shanties. Most in pretty good disrepair, but also some that are faling down, not finished, or burned to the ground. I have been wanting to do a shanty town ever since I saw Gisby's Shanties he did for Kill Zone. Beautiful stuff.

 Finished Shanties, burned down, unfinished, falling down.

Next is the Rubbish Piles. BAses made from CD's. Insulation foam build-ups, then various rubble from straws, balsa, basswood, paper, card, and plastic. 7 total. Great to break up fields of fire.

All of this is to get ready for Recruits in September. We are playtesting the new version of the Fistful of Lead Rules, Wasteland Warriors. Post apoc goodness from The Baron and the Lead Addict.

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Post Apoc Building # 3 - Complete

I got a little time this weekend to finish off my ruined building. The BAron and I are planning on doing Fistful of Lead:Wasteland Warrriors for the convention, and we are gonna use my terrain and stuff. So I am desperately trying to get these done. I have 3 complete buildings, 1 more that is ready to paint, and 16 shanties for a shanty town. I have a huge governmental buidling thats built and primed, but needs butt loads of detail work. I also have about 6 more building shells if I get to them. After I complete the other building and shanty town I am going to have to make rubble and trash piles and some vegetation. I think I am good on figs.

So on with the pics.
Overall of Front

Detail of upstairs

Detail of front porch

Detail of upstairs

Detail of upstairs

Detail upstairs

Detail - rear opening

Detail - ruined stairs and building wing

Overall - rear

Detail - interior ground floor with second floor off

Overall - rear with second floor off

Detail - hole in floor with second floor off

Detail - stairs with second floor off

Detail - ruined stairs with second floor off
Overall I am pretty happy with it. Painting came out quick once I got the base colors down. and I made a couple of washes to dirty it up, which came out good too. Shanties and Post Apoc Ruin #4 is next.

Thanks for looking.