Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Quick Update 4-25-12

Got an hour last night. So the canteens are highlighted, the canteen straps are done, the bedrolls are done. On a whim, I brought them to work today to paint at lunch. I figure I can mindlessly paint white lace for lunch and get a step ahead. So, except for the black highlights, which I do right before the buckles and barrels, the backs are done. Now to the fronts and all the laces and finery. Oh yeah, I did tell you I am doing 52 figs at a time didn't I? I'll have an update after lunch to see how I did.

Done before the weekend? Maybe. I may skip gaming this week to finish them. then its those damn highlanders. They'll take twice as long with all the dicing and tartan. I did read someone's post on Lead Adventure that referenced an account of the Higlanders in the Penninsula soaking their kilts in a grease so they would be more water proof. And it darkened them up considerably. Probably can't get away with that, but its a thought. It will be full parade for these fellows I suspect.

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