Friday, September 6, 2013

Spanish Napoleonics - Phase 2 Complete

You know I like to talk about the phases of my 28mm Nappy project.

Well I am excited to report that I am complete with my Phase II portion of my Spanish Nappy Project.

Phase I was 3 Infantry Units and a couple of cannons. Well 2 weeks ago I finished the last unit in Phase II. The last Line Infantry Musketeer unit. So for the forseeable future, I am complete with a spanish Army that has a good core of Infantry and a couple of Cannon and a Dragoon Unit. Good enough for a full command in Black Powder or to be parceled out to the rest of the British Army to bolster the ranks.

I have not completed bases yet. I will do that once the Baron paints me a couple of Generals for the Spanish. I convinced(blackmailed) him that he could have the Giants in my Bones order if he would paint me a couple of mounted generals for my Spanish. They are cleaned and primed, I just need to get them to him.

Here's some pics:

4 Musketeer Units, 1 Militia Unit, 1 Converged Grenadier Unit, 1 Dragoon Unit, and 2 Cannon.

I have figs for another Musketeer Unit and Militia Unit as well as 3 Cannons and a Dragoon Unit. So that is Phase 3. Who knows when I will get to that. But for now, I will enjoy that my Phase II projects for the British and Spanish are done.

I have fallen in love with the old Victrix metal/now Bridgae Games Portuguese that Paul Hicks sculpted. I think they will be my next Nappy Purchase when I am ready. But til then I have boxes of French that may actually see the light of the painting table. Because they are woefully understaffed at the moment. Looks like fall and winter may be the winter of the Tricolor! and basing. goddamn basing. I only have 160 stands to do right now for the Allied Army. And I still need to add Flags to each unit.

Taking a break from historicals for the moment.

I have been painting 28mm SF for the last 2 weeks when i can steal some time. Pics to come on Monday. I have had a nice sized Pig Iron Heavy Infantry army languishing in primer for a very long time. As well as a bunch of Kolony and Rebel minis and extra heads. So I cranked out a nice big squad of them and some support weapons and command. I have a couple more leg units to do and a nice collection of Wardroids (I love their wardroids and their accessory packs make them even better) to work on this weekend. simple 3 layer paint jobs. Been a lot of fun. Bright and spacey!

Happy painting