Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Its's been a while friends of the ol' Lead Addict. If there are any of you left. I have been consumed for 8 months with coaching football for my son. It has been a lot of fun. But I desperately have the itch to get back to painting, terrain building and gaming in earnest.

So in about 8 more practices and 3 more games, I will be back to indulging my own whims for gaming.


I will be updating and taking pics so the blog will be updated regularly again.

I have painted, over the last eight months, in very small sprurts, a small 12 stand army for Mayhem. A rules system we have been enjoying for massed fantasy battles that fits our multi fig per stand ethic at the old Basement Generals Headquarters. High Elves. I finally get to put all this old GW stuff to use. I have a Dragon and a couple of elite units to finish and I will have a respectable army to field.

I also made a couple of terrain pieces from the last of my Hirst Arts pipe molds castings. I will be using these as cover and objectives for Fistful of Lead : Wasteland Warriors (Ze Baron and I's upcoming post apoc rules), Ivan Sorensen's Five Parsecs from Home, and Agis' fun Victory Decision:Future Combat.

I have been way too active on Kickstarter.

I have participated in The just ended MicroArt Bases KS:

Dungeon Saga:

Mecha Front:

season 3 of Zombicide

And we went way too big on Cavern Tiles:

And Militia Miniatures nice clean and small KS:

I am watching 1 more at the moment:

With this American army by Max Mini and The German and Soviet Orcs and Goblins by Kromlech, you could do WWWII with all Orcs and goblins. That sounds pretty damn fun to me. And with all the rules, terrain and kit bashing you could do for vehicles it could be a really great project. We'll see it closes in a few days and has a steep entry price, But is a god deal.

Well. that's it for now, fair readers...


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Epic Buildings Using Hawk Wargames Free Graphics

While watching the Olympics last night, I thought I would put together a few buildings for Epic. I have long since traded my original Epic buildings, and you have to have a cold, heartless, oppressive Imperial City to fight over, so I decided to repurpose the the Hawk Wargames free building facades for the good of the Emperor.

A while back, Hawk Wargames released pdf's of their artwork for what would become their card buildings for Dropzone Commander. These shots below are of the card buildings released.  

But as Dropzone Commander is 10mm, the buildings are just too big. So I used the original artwork, scaled it to 60% and voila, its ready to go.

The facades were printed on a laser printer, cut out, and fixed with spray fix to a building box cut out of foamcore or gator board. I made the first couple with gator board, but for such small buildings the increased structural rigidity is not needed and it is a real drawback to speed, cutting and burning through knife blades. 

So we (me and the boy) switched to foam core and started rocking out building shells.

Here are the first 7 buildings guarded by my recently finished Ultramarines:

Since I can print these out at will, I can have as large a city as I need. I have 8 buildings, and about 30 more printed out. 

I have some predators, drop pods, the rest of my bike company, and some titans to complete, then I am gonna work on enough terrain to fill a 6x8 table. I have a pretty good start with my JR Miniatures terrain, I need new roads, rivers, urban layered terrain and some additional hills.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Epic 40k Goodness

Its been a while. Thought I would show you all what I have been working on when time has permitted. I have been noodling away on my current project...Epic 40k.

An old favorite, and the first GW game I ever played was was Space Marine/Adeptus Titanicus 1st Edition. Loved it and it really got me hooked on GW after that for a while in their heyday.

I have been collecting it for years, selling and rebuying plenty of armies along the way. Finding an unopened blister at an out of the way shop is always a pretty great find. Time to pull out dusty boxes of Oh yeah I remember that. Anyway on this go-round I thought I would start with Ultramarines as a base army. Nothing too fancy. Basic house army for anyone to play since they are the simplest to play. so here they are so far.

Specials in front, 1st Company in back

6th Tactical Company with Rhino and Vindicator support, 4th company Bike Squadron on right.

3rd Company Battle Company with Robot, Dreadnaught, Tarantula, Speeders, Razorback, Vindicator and Whirlwind support 

Ultramarines are a mix of old and new models. I will be using the second half of my marines and using them for Horus Heresy Era Imperial Fists. We shall see if I get there.

As usual super hurried photography taken right before rushing in to work.