Monday, March 4, 2013

Gamer Dad - 3-3-13

So, at the end of a busy but greatly enjoyable weekend of drinks and dinner and gambling on a date with my wife, I went down to work on basing for the Orc Horde. After about an hour, my wife came down and got on the computer to play WoW with some friends, and my youngest boy came down to do what he does, make messes, turn the TV up really loud, draw and be a himself. After about another hour, he comes back looking for his "box of guys".

Now the Workshop of Doom is really a wide hallway that leads to our storage and furnace room. It's only about 7' wide, but its long.(that's what she said) When I remodeled the basement I added wood floors, shelves everywhere, and a long counter to work on. On those shelves, I have all my mini boxes. And a few of those boxes have labels that read 'Logan's Box' or 'Nolan's Box'. Here are their first efforts, unbuilt or cast off figs, or anything they have acquired at the many Recruits Conventions they have been to. Also included are their paints and brushes. They are out and ready to be grabbed if the mood would ever strike them. I don't push, but I would sure like it if they would like to paint.

So the boy asks for his box of guys, that had been sitting out on our table. I pointed him to the floor and asked him why it was out earlier in the week. He said "oh, I was just working on some guys. I used a couple of your paints and a water cup".  "Ok", I said. Curious. He hadn't worked on anything for 6 months.

He got his box, walked out of the workshop, and closed the doors. Five minutes later, he came back to gather: a water cup, a fine tipped brush, and a silver and brown paint. I give them to him, I have way too many as it is. Now I am very curious. Five minutes later he comes back in and wants to show me what he worked on before. "I think its and ogre or and orc." It was a plastic orc from the first boxed edition of WHFB. Skin was green, armor was silver, the sword of course had blood on it. It was great. "Nice job. I really like his skin, and the armor." "Thanks. I need a few more colors." So I hand him a couple more he asked for.

He cam back 20 minutes later, and said "Dad, look at the symbol I have to paint on my Spartan's shield. No way I can do that." It looked like this:

I said "Well, It's not that, its just a simple upside down 'V' in red on a bronze shield. Its easy." "OK". he leaves, then comes back in five minutes. "Can I have a bronze?" "Sure"

When he returns he is holding a Greek Hoplite Commander, with red crest, and Bronze Shield with a big Spartan V on it. It was 15mm. It was clean. It was better than most of my first few efforts had been. It was awesome. He looked down at my basing efforts, saw my stack of unused 25x50mm bases and said, "I want to mount him on that". "OK, but these are too big for just one guy". "It's alright I have more." so he walked off. Came back 20 minutes later with a musician completed. then came back with a Standard bearer done. In an hour, he had completed a full Spartan Command Stand. Now, I think the figs were Gladiator Greeks from their Successor Wars lines. I had gotten them for HOTTS years ago. But painted with a big bronze shield with a red V on it, It was close enough for me. Here they are in all their glory. I wanted to wash them, but he doesn't like washes yet. Good for him knowing what he likes:

Not the red beard. He was especially proud of that.

Historically accurate, on the big parts, yeah. I couldn't be more proud. And he did it all on his own. Without being prodded, or coerced. I could hardly contain the smile on my face.

While being tucked into bed " Can I get a few more Spartans? I want to make a game with them."

A smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat. "Sure."


Bill said...

Better than my first ancients. You gonna teach him HOTT?

MurdocK said...




from a fellow dad.

AHunt said...

It's a great feeling isn't it? Congratulations!

Barks said...

This.. is... SPARTA!

Scott said...

Cant get better than that.