Friday, March 8, 2013

Basement Generals - Flower of Chivalry

Well I have gotten to game twice in two weeks. First time since November. Its been fun. Last week was a Black Powder Civil War game. And this week was an old favorite of the Baron's. Flower of Chivalry. Put out in 1993 by the Canadian Wargamers Group, its a really tight set of rules that's simple enough to move quickly, but that puts you to tactical decisions about the aggressiveness of your leadership and managing troops and commanders.

Basically troops that get their fever up stay that way and risk burning out, unless you can calm them down. But that can halt or ruin a chance to exploit a weakness. Its all great fun. The rules are still available from some of the bigger online wargames purveyors. Get them. They are great for a big group game. And even as an IGOUGO game, they don't fell dated at all.

In our Battle for the Kingdom campaign that we are playing, I was up as claimant to the throne and King. But my rival Bill challenged my authority and rule. Apparently. he was right and the divinity of my cause was not just. We lost 7-10 and my head was lopped off. Hopefully my son will pick up my banner and build enough of a following to challenge the new pretenders to the throne.

The Baron's tried and true War of the Roses troops really shine in this game. I want to paint a bunch of the Perry's, but he's already got it all covered.

It was a lot of fun giving crap to the BG's. Especially Bill as we were aligned opposite on the field. He was rolling hits and saves like a mad man.Well won friend. 



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Bill said...

Man, when I get on a roll it can be scary. My center should have broken 2 turns before the game ended, but the morale rolls were definitely going my way.
A bunch of fun, and the fact that I had your head chopped off is just a sign of how good you are (were). :)
Gaming with the BG is always one of the high points of my week.