Friday, March 22, 2013

Arrgh!!!!! I hate you snow. And random crap.

Forget In like a lion, out like a Lion, It's just been all Lion around here in the Midwest. I'm sick of cold and wet and snow, and snow and snow. And this weekend, its another 5-10 inches for us in good ol KC. I hate you snow. I am tired of shovelling.

Now KC can be beautiful in the winter with a blanket of snow, but I want spring. It's March Madness time, when it looks like Xmas time. Enough, alright? Give us some rain and 60 degree weather and some sun. Is it too much to ask?

On the bright side, my K-State Wildcats won the Big 12 Football Championship, shared the Big 12 Basketball Championship(Regular Season), and are in the NCAA Basketball tournament. Its been a fun year for K-State Athletics. Funny how good sports teams make you feel more attached to a place you love so much. Go CATS!!!
Modern Logo. Great Power Cat. Very Nice. Simple and Clean.  Stolen by every High School and Pop Warner team named the Wildcats.
The logo when I went there. The other one was a GIANT 'K'.  So you had this guy, who got beat up in the back alley of the Mascot convention, or a super original block letter as a mascot. He looks like the inbred idiot cousin of Tom Cat from Tom and Jerry. We deserved to lose every time we  played. And we did. Oh how I hate you 1980's Willie the Wildcat.
 And I guess with all this snow, its more painting time this weekend, and more games of Zombicide. I was thinking of going and picking up Small World at Target as well.

So I think I will have 3 more units of Orcs for Hail Caesar Fantasy!finished up over the weekend because of this, which aint so bad I guess. Here's what I hope to get done (THESE are the company shots from Ral Partha Europe, not my painted figs):

Here's a shot of the cards and card backs for each Unit.

I am putting on a Orcs vs. Wood Elves game at Recruits Convention the first weekend of April. Come on by if you are in the area.
This is a program cover from last fall that the Baron did. Inspired by the incomparable Jack Kirby. this marked the 10th  Anniversary of this awesome Con.
Finally, had a very fun game with the BG's last night. We had 9 people for a Nappy slugfest with Nick Wilkoxski and his Eagles to Empire rules. It was a minor victory for the Prussians after some shaky 'intel' deceived the French on just what was an objective. Much fun and consumption of spirits and ales was had and an all a round good time. Thanks Nick for the game and Ze Baron for hosting as usual.

Have a great weekend everybody. I will be building an igloo.


Essjam said...

Well said about the damnable snow. Hate the stuff, and we are officially into Spring now. Good luck to your Cats until they meet my Jayhawks!

BaronVonJ said...

All my pics got screwed. Stupid cat.
Move to Florida, baby. My Norse blood sings when it snows.
And Jayhawks are a bunch of dirty redlegs. Go Cats!

styx said...

Snow, that is why I don't like to live up that way! HEhehehe..I like my 70 degree weather and sun right now, granted in a few months it will be hot and humid in Florida and I will hate it...

Lead Addict said...

I am fine with 4 seasons. But I am done with this season and I welcome the next one. Goodbye winter.

Spacejacker said...

I prefer the excitement of seasons myself. Sydney is mild, or overcast and rainy, or too hot. When I lived in South England I enjoyed the threat of infrequent snow. Kept things exciting.