Monday, March 18, 2013

Gamer Dad - 3-17-13 - Zombiecide

YA know what's fun? Playing Zombicide scenarios 1 and 2 with a 19 yr old, a 13 yr old, and a 10 yr old. These guys are experienced tabletop and board gamers and really experienced FPS video games, especially zombie killing kinds.

So when they were bored on Sunday of the last day of Spring Break, I offered Zombicide up for their enjoyment.

And I got much joy from watching their cockiness early on and their sheer horror as they advanced and unleashed holy hell on themselves by killing to many zombies as they got greedy searching.

TPK on the first game as they felt the game out. And one character survived Scenario #2 who had Slippery, while the rest of us succumbed to huge waves of zombies. This was especially fun as my 13 yr old had a molotov attack that he carefully planned that killed 34 zombies at one time. That also put him at Red level and that really screwed us when I ran out of walkers and all of the walkers got an extra move. Boy was he mad.He thought he had it all figured out. I got much joy from the whole thing.

He is insisting we play tonight and he was thinking of a strategy to win instead of be zombie chow.

So I may have to buy the Season 2 Prison and Mall games on Kickstarter.

Its good to be a gamer Dad.


Simon Q said...

Sounds like the best fun EVER.

Lead Addict said...

We played on Monday night Brummie. Just me and the youngest. We won one and lost one. Its still pretty funny to see them get cocky, then get destroyed. Makes a gamer dad proud.