Monday, March 25, 2013

Quick Update 3-25-13

Just a quick update from the weekend.

Got some painting in. I finished 5 stands(1 unit +) of Orc Guard Heavy Infantry. I also got about 90% through 3 units of Orc Heavy Infantry with Double Handed Weapons(swords). I have to finish teeth and faces on about 50 Orcs, then finish freehanding the 3 standard bearers. so I may just power through tonite and finish them. That would be 4 new heavy units for the Orcs. Once completed, I need to square away all the terrain and stuff for my game at Recruits.

Played an old favorite with the family last night: Carcasonne. Its a great family game and with expansions, can also be a nice big game of screw your neighbor.

I'll get some pics up of the newly finished Orcs this week. Have a good week.


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