Monday, March 11, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy! - Orcs - Quick Update 3-11-13

Just a quick update on the Orcs for Hail Caesar Fantasy!

The existing Army is completely based and painted and flocked and resting happily in their new boxes. A nice accomplishment for a cold Friday and Saturday. It went a lot faster than anticipated. HOORAY!!!!! Pics to follow this week.

I also got a chance on Sunday to paint so I finished 3 units of Orc Wolf Rider Archers (this box set):

Image from Ral Partha Europe Demonworld line

Since my Lt Cav units are 2 figs a stand, and 3 stands a unit, I got 3 units out of this blister. Pretty nice way to bolster the forces. That makes for 7 Cav units for the Orcs painted right now, 3 Lt Cav with Bows, 3 Med Cav with Swords, 1 Lt Cav with Lances(Spider Riders). I have a few more yet.

The next Units for painting are the Orc Heavy Infantry Units:

Image from Ralp Partha Europe Demonworld Orc Guard

These are the Orc Guard Units which I am doing as Hvy Infantry. One half are guards(with hats), the other half are heavy infantry.

I should get another 4 Units out of the 2 blister packs I have. So 2 Guard and 2 Heavy Infantry. Since I mount Heavy Infantry as 6 figs a stand, I will need a few stand ins here and there. Sword Armed Orcs will do the trick I think.

I hope to have these added to the Army by the end of this coming weekend. that would put the Orc Army at 24 Units +.

Once I finish What I have mounted on paint sticks (3 Orc infantry units and 2 War Machines), I will move on to another Army. Undead or......?


Simon Q said...

Very nice, At First glance I thought these where 28mm! nice brushwork

Essjam said...

Love the banners. Nice figures, will we see them at the Baron's?

Lead Addict said...

Just to clarify Simon. Those are the original Demonworld paint jobs from the blister packs. I'll post mine this week.

Scott, if I am free this weekend, I should be able to get paint on my Guards. And maybe we can play next week with the BG's.