Thursday, March 21, 2013

Check This Good SH!T - MacPhee's Miniature Men

I feel its all of our duty to be heralds for great wargaming stuff we see on the interwebs(thank you Al Gore). So I give you my semi regular installment of ...Check This Good SH!T!

Scott MacPhee over at Mac Phee's Miniature Men has been at it again. His 15mm Napoleonic an Civil War stuff I profiled before in the blog. But he has outdone himself now.

He is painting 28mm Napoleonic Russians. All Foundry. Be still my heart. And the quick skill and cleanliness with which he paints them makes me believe he is the baby of Tom Weiss, Steve Dean, and Kevin Dallimore. Here is some of his work:

Its a very expressive and clean style that screams english toy soldiers. colors are vivid and will look absolutely great on the table. these are figs that would amaze en masse on the table. 

Very nice Scott, Indeed. 


Glenn said...

I couldn't agree more.

This is the fifth army Scott has painted for me, and they're all brilliant.

I'll be showcasing the gorgeous work he did on my Republican Roman and Carthaginian armies at Little Wars on April 26 and 27. The game will be the Battle of Trebia using slightly tweaked Command & Colors: Ancients (my card deck).
I'll post lots of pictures on my blog: Glenn's Tropical Games after the fun.

Glenn said...

The Dragoons you posted are actually Perry. There are quite a few units of Perry's new Russian line in the army Scott is painting, and some Front Rank, as well as the Foundry you mentioned.