Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy! Wood Elves Quick Pics

Here is some quick pics of the finished Wood Elf Army for Hail Caesar Fantasy!

The army consists of:

A Great Green Wyrm Ridden by a Hero:
The beardy treemen can be seen on the left
An Army General Command Stand, Assorted Generals, Heroes, and Wizards stands, A Heavy Cav unit, A Centaur Hvy Cav Unit, A Scout Cav Unit, A Unit of Treemen, A Tree Man Hero Unit:
Heroes and leaders in foreground, heavy cav and centaurs in midground, scouts in background

Hvy Cav, Centaurs and Scouts
  2 Units of Pegasus Rider Cav, 2 Units of Centaur Bow Lt. Cav, 3 Units of Wood Elf Light Infantry Long Bow Archers:
Pegasus Riders in Front, Centaurs behind, Archers behind, Hvy Infantry to right
 Heavy Spear Infantry Unit, Elite Guard Hvy 2 Handed Sword Infantry, 2 Units of Medium Hunter Infantry, 2 Units of Medium Spear Infantry, Guard Arrow Lords(Medium Long Bow Infantry):
Hvy Infantry Left to Right
 All told its 11 Units of infantry, 9 Units of Cav, 2 Huge Monster Units, 8 Heroes, Wizards and Leaders, and 1 Army General Stand.

I have another Heavy Cav Unit, Skirmishers and another 2 Hunter Units to do. I will probably add another two units of Treemen(GW plastic Dryads), and would like to add a unit of Eagles.

That would get me up to 28 Units of Infantry, Cav, and Monsters plus leaders and heroes. that puts 1 large division in each players hand if we have 4 Wood Elf players. Or two regular sized divisions if we are playeing 3 players a side. Perfect.

I think I am going to build a light box like the one Space Jacker built, only bigger since I photgraph units more than singles, so I can maybe eventually get a few good shots on here.

Since this was pretty satisfying, I am going to get the Orcs basing finished so we can have a proper game, then on to some terrain to match.

Happy Rolling!



BaronVonJ said...

We play now, yes?

Lead Addict said...

As soon as the Orcs are finished. Soon.

Spacejacker said...

Beautiful army! I really like the things people are doing for mass-based fantasy based on historical rules. Impetus, Hail Caesar etc.

Scott said...

Very cool. I look forward to your battle reports!

Scott Pyle said...

Brilliant painting and basing Ken! Hard to tell if they're 15mm or 28mm--and that is a complement!


Lead Addict said...

Thanks everybody. Started on the Orcs last night. They are a few units short so need to get to work on some Orc infantry and cav.

BaronVonJ said...

I suppose I'll have to start those dwarves now...

Lead Addict said...

'Twoud be nice. Cause the Elves are gonna need some back up. I bet when all is said and done, combining the Orcs and Goblins, the Goblinoids and Allies are gonna have about 60+ units. Frightening. We'll need 10 tables at Recruits.