Tuesday, March 19, 2013

From Sad to Glad - Bless You Internets

A tragedy has befallen the Workshop of Doom. It is with heavy heart that I went down this morning to sneak some paint time before a dentist appointment and my dual lamp long arm painting light had been broken. The clamp that holds the light head had snapped because I stupidly put  a way too heavy lamp in and the old girl just couldn't take it.

 It is a 60's era vintage Drafting lamp that was a part of the history of my company. I rescued it from the threat of a dumpster 15 years ago. Its heavy, hefty and well made. And as I tried to highliht boots and gloves on 15mm orcs in the light of florescent shop lights I just about cried at having lost it. I looked for a make or model but no luck. I really can't see in the Workshop without it. I can't imagine using a flimsy one from walmart that has only one light and short little stubby arms.SIGH...

But as is the case now, in our unbelieveably small world, I have already found the manufacturer(LUXO) that is till in operation(unbelieveable) and they have a parts service with pictures(even more unbelievable). After just a few minutes trawling their site I found the parts that will hopefully get the old girl back on her feet.I have it ordered and paid for in about 5 minutes. It has taken longer to write about it.

I guess the only other down side to this is realizing you cant see unless the surface is illuminated. I think I am getting old.(get's monocle out of vest pocket, cleans with handkechief and places jauntily in right eye socket) That's better old boy.

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Simon Q said...

Hope you can get it back up and running mate. LOL at that last pic