Friday, March 15, 2013

Hail Caesar Fantasy! - Orc Army Pics

Finally had time to get some pics of the Orc Army. Here's an image dump:

Lots of cavalry on wolves and spiders. Lots of supporting heavy infantry monstrous types. lots of light infantry shooters. And a core of Orc spearmen. I am working on 2 units of heavy infantry guard, plus 2 units of black(huge) orcs, another unit of spear orcs, then as many units as I can get of horde orcs. Add a couple of siege engines and voila done.

I am going to do massed horde bases for a bunch of my savage orcs. I will be using 2 cavalry bases for a unit. That should make 8 units of Horde Orcs. I will play them like Barbarian horde troops. Great on the attack, not much on the sustain.

So next up are the Orc troops above, (Cause the Orcs need some heft in the middle based upon their collapse in the game last night). After that, who knows. Maybe the undead, or maybe back to finish the Spanish Nappies.

And a final note: RECRUITS CON is coming up the first full weekend in March 5-7. As usual, I will be going with the boys. I was going to run a Hail Caesar Fantasy Game but may just sit in on some games. We shall see. 




Scott said...

Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing some battle reports!

Spacejacker said...

Brilliant army there LA! I fielded so many orc forces back in the day that my gaming friends' nickname for me was "the little orc boy".

Simon Q said...

superb looking army all presented like that!

Lead Addict said...

Thanks gents. I sure like seeing them finished. Adding some more heft to the orcs so they are not all allied forces.

Really loving 15mm massed battles with hail caesar.