Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Gamer Dad Update 3-6-13

OK, so without coersion, and withlooing at a lot of figs and explaining in 10 year old terms what each army was and who they fought we have this purchase coming in the mail:

We were looking at many different things as we looked for decent greeks to buy.(Which was surprisingly difficult). We were gonna order the Xyston Greeks which are very nice, but he didn't like that the Spartans he had in his head, didn't match the reality of what they looked like. He wanted early greeks with giganticly  cool crests on their Bronze Helmets. What he saw was guys in skirts with little pointy helmets and beards.

I feel his pain.

So we kept looking for something cool. And I happened on a pack of the Corvus Belli Early Roman Command. Horns and Crests and Big Shields.He was excited.

We looked at everything and he wanted a couple of packs of attacking guys, a cav pack and an archer pack. And that command pack. Then he saw the boxed army. His face lit up. "That would be so cool. I'll spend my own money. I want that."

"It's expensive, and lets start slow and work our way into this OK?"


"OK, I'll order them tomorrow."

At work on lunch I kept putting together an order, I had the packs he wanted, added some Game Color paint(my personal fave) for him, then decided, maybe the Army Box was just what he needed. I remembered what it was like opening my first miniatures box set. I wanted to give that to him.

So that's what's coming to the house. A full Early Imperial Roman army for DBA. We'll never play DBA with it. I'll never willingly force Barkerese on a child. I may as well teach him Esperanza. He's gonna make up his own rules. He's good at that. I already have a few ideas.

We'll probably play Romans vs Orcs to start with (which is after all what all the barbarian tribes were to the Romans anyway, right?). I'll encourage him to base his Romans on 25 x 50 stands like all of my Fantasy 15mm stuff for Hail Caesar! Then I'll break out that Barbarian Army I never painted so he can have a real opponent.

Its good to be a Dad.


Clint said...

such a splendid and emotive post. I fully agree with all your points and wish you both hours of mutual fun.

Matt said...

Great post. I hope he has the patients and determination to get them painted and into the field!