Friday, September 17, 2010

More post apoc/ gamma world

Here's some more stuff for Fallout/Gamma World.

I have been cross posting some of this stuff on the Lead Adventure Forum.

This is the Android known only as 'The Quester'. He searches for the knowledge of who he is and where he came from. He comes asking questions. If he finds no answers, he deems those 'lesser forms' and destoys them to fulfill some ghost of his original programming.

These are Plains Stalkers. The mutated remains of the northen Timber wolf, the haunt the ruions and the irradiated plains in packs or alone, hunting for prey to feed their ravenous hunger.

Meet the terrifying visage of See-morr, the huge mutated and mobile sunflower that has the ability to create his very own pod zombies to do his bidding. Intelligent and sinsiter, See-morr likes to be near ruins and known sites of the ancients, stalking them for survivors to turn into his slaves.

That's it for now. I am working on some Critical Mass Games 15mm Arc Trooper Light Recon troops and Augments.  I also have an old Grendel Drop ship for 25mm that is perfect for a heavy dropship in 15mm. I need to add some armor and a few drones and I will be set.

Recruits is this weekend. Not gooing tonite, but will be playing games tomorrow. I decided not to run any games this time. Just play time with the boys. And maybe a little buying. I bought a preview set from Micro Panzer of his 15mm sci-fi SAS at the last one, but now have lost them. So I may have to buy more. And a couple of his wardroids.

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