Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I want to do this but who has the time?

In my comic reading days there was always one that I really enjoyed as fun, but never realized what an impact it had on me. In my days of playing Superhero RPG's and reading about mutants and supersoldiers, one of the few comics that I have the desire to go back and explore is Alien Legion.

I posted on my RPG blog a long time ago about wanting to roleplay Alien Legion. And was going to buy the omnibus and other collections to whet my appetite. Well it seems as though Eli at I See ead People is thinking along the same lines as I again. He was lucky enough to get some reference material himself and plans on embarking on the quest to it seems. http://leadpeople.blogspot.com/

I have way to much to do to really ever get to the RPG project, but I would really love to have some Alien Legion figs to paint and use. With so much good stuff out there it just begs to be done. With Zombiesmith's Spaceport range, and AE Bounty, and Reaper Chronoscope, there are a lot of possibibilities for enemies and obviously there are endless  sci fi armies to fight the legion in 28mm. If I could sculpt, I would do it. And then I found this on bandit86's site: http://bandit86.blogspot.com/2010/06/sarigar.html. Holy hell.

Dammit! Do I really have to start another project. I wonder what Carmen would charge to do a set? http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/

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