Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pip Pip and all that!

Ah, holiday gaming at the Baron's Chateau. I'll let him do a full game report. But it was time for Vicki Sci Fi with GASLIGHT. And fun was had by all.

The Anglo-Franco Allies Vs. The Prussian, Russian, and Professor Nightshade onslaught.

I got the run the Brits. No one looks quite as good as a Redcoat on the table. Here's the pics:

 The Table. 8 Players. 13 Conveyances and 12 Infantry Units.

 British Infantry led by Nigel Tufnell, Lord of Spindletap

The Tricycle Artillery. Blow the crap out of a Village house packed to the gills with Russians.

 French Legion and infantry advancing En Masse! The French Spider Walker is on the right, The French La Rue wheeled lightning tank on the left.

 The Imperial Russian infantry advance on the village. The Nefarious Prof. Nightshade and his clockwork minions in the background.

Russian Advance with troops and heavy(but really infectual) armor.

Fun as ususal, some of the Basement Generals that haven't been in a while were there, so added fun. Many mishaps were had and many gut busting laughs. We are even going to make awards named for certain charismatic members and their own particular proclivities. The first - The Golden Super Glue Award. Named after one of the 3 Scott's. His ability to knock over figs during a game is unparalleled. Uusally not breaking them, but sometimes...I will make the trophy and it will be passed around and whoever holds it at the end of the evening wins. Sort of like hot potato.  


Essjam said...

Damn, I resemble that remark. Proud and guilty to be the inspiration of the Super Glue trophy!

I'll bring my 6mms out soon so J gets a chance to break mine!

BaronVonJ said...

We also have the "Cower in the Back" trophy.
The "They kill Horse Don't They" Award
The "Gamey" Trophy, known as the Chad