Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wasteland Mutants, done

Here's what I have been working on after the 15mm Sci Fi.

A gang of hardcore Mutants from deep in the Wastelands. If these guys show up, there must be some easy pickens, or things have gotten even worse in the wastes. Expert scavengers and nomads, the mutants pale bluish skin, white hair and glowing yellow eyes reveal their more base nature. They are survivors, thriving where noone else can.

Figs are old Citadel Confrontation Gangers and a Copplestone Scavenger. Buildings are my rubbled buildings.

 Group shot, front

 Group shot, Rear

Closeup 1, front

Closeup 1, rear

Closeup 2, front

Closeup 2, rear

Closeup 3, front

Closeup 3, rear

I like the way these guys turned out, and man do they have the detail in the sculpt. I have a tech gang to do and a nomad gang to do, so I have to work myself up to do them. Maybe over the holidays. Next up is doing the ground work for my 15mm Fantasy. Not glamorous but necessary. Then either the gangs, or maybe some buildings.

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