Friday, October 22, 2010

Crossfire 15mm Sci Fi

So as I have built my 15mm Sci Fi armies, I have been struggling with the rules set to use. I was going to look at Force on Force, then the much awaited Tomorrows War came out. I will pick it up, but I was still looking. I have Future War Commander, but haven't played it yet. Its sounds ok. The combined arms aspect is good for involving a bunch of different troop types (which I like) and the Warmaster movement/morale system(which I am on the fence about). So I picked up off my shelf an oldie but a goodie. CROSSFIRE by Artie Conliffe.

Its such an abstraction from other games, but I really love the mechanics of fire and moevment, initiative, and good tactics or you will just plain lose. So right now, I am working on a Crossfire mod for 15mm Sci Fi. Since Crossfire is primarily an infantry game, won't be a lot of armor or APC's in the game. I will use either Tomorrow's War or FWC for that.

And while trolling the Yahoo group, I ran across an old post of mine about using Crossfire for HEavy Gear, since all versions of that game suck. How could an absolutely stunning miniatures line be so saddled with such a terrible game system. anyway, because of the way crossfire models fire and movement, it may be the best at modeling their universe, with the swings in initiative, furious combat and speed, slow ponderous infantry and vehicles(compared to the gears). So you would make the Gears the infantry, and the foot sloggers and vehicles all follow the vehicles rules. It would make the Gears feel that much more dynamic.

I have my Power Armored Arc Fleet guys mounted, and am ready to mount my recon guys. Do some unit designations and patches, and they are done. Pics when finished.

Not sure what I am doing next. I will have 3 15mm Sci Fi armies ready to play some small games, probably need a 4th so we can play at least 4 sided at the Baron's Chateau.

Then it may be to finish the C&C fantasy bases and do some C&C terrain and a ground cloth. Or finish a couple of MDRG warbands and some post apoc terrain. Ah choices.

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