Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15mm Arc Fleet Army - Eurpoean Commonwealth Troops - Painted

Finally some progress. I have for you today my Critical Mass Games 15mm Arc Fleet Recon and Augments troops painted for my European Commonwealth Troops for my space opera universe - Hollow Shell.

First an overall shot:

 Next, the overall commander and his XO. He is in Augment Hvy Power Armor, his elite status is signified by the blue gaunlet. His command status is signified by his light grey right hand guantlet. The Red stripe on the helmet and shoulder pad is Regimental Distinction - The 539th Commonwealth Rapid Reactionary Force.

 Some of the 539th RRF's finest foot sloggers:

 A view of the trops with the Kestrel VTOL Dropship in the background. Directly in from of that is the IWV - Infantry Walker Vehicle for a hvy support and assualt role, especially in built up areas, and the ISV - Infantry Support Vehicle. The ISV provides infantry support with ECM and Jamming capability, and fire support from its rocket cluster pods.

Another shot of the troops:

 Close up of the troops:

 Close up of the Augment troopers:

 Closer shot of the Kestrel, IWV, and ISV support elements:

 Close up of the Paladin Command Vehicle. This mobile commnad vehicle can also transport a squad of troops, and has a 50mm autocannon for support and protection. The Paladin is an older jack of all trades vehicle typical of the colonization and protection role the RRF in its younger days. The vehicle is still prized amongs the more savy leader who understands the value and protection this multirole old workhorse provides:

And a final group shot again:

I just finished these last night. I need to finish the walkers, but everything else is complete. I will be adding the GZG Grav vehicles to this group, and will be painting a phase 2 since CMG just announced the release of the Augment and Recon hvy weapon troops. So I will add those, and a few more troopers and regular augments.

These are enough to play Crossfire! with so I think I can play a small battle with these VS. my Alien Mercs force.

Next up is to finish the Garn support troops, and hope that Santa will bring me my Hi Mobility Wheeled Force from GZG for xmas. They will be used with my GZG NAC troops for the North American Protectorate NAP troops. And after that, the might and bizarre fury of the Aquans - all manner of oceanic humanoids from various publishers  including the Karks, The Orca, The Lamphreys, The Aquan, and their crab support vehicles!!!! Muhahaha!




BaronVonJ said...

NIce. When we play?

ken said...

soon as we reread crossfire