Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick list of X Mas goodies

Well it seems the old lead addict was pretty good(lucky) again this year. Santa brought me a bunch of goodies. a Quick List:

1. Commands and Colors Napoleonics - Box is nice and heavy. I will never use it as a block game, but need it for the rules, cards and dice. I love C&C.

2. C&C:Epic - The Epic expansion for C&C. It allows multi player play. Since we alsways have multi player, it works great. Can't wait til the multi player comes out for C&C Nappys.

3. Ground Zero Games Hi Mobility Wheeled Battle Force - Can't really afford to miss the xmas sale at GZG. This has become kinda a staple. I got the Grav force last year. And these guys help me field an NAC force of a good size for Future War Commander or Tomorrow's War.

4. Wargames Factory SciFi Troopers - I followed and participated in the discussions on the forum for these guys. They will make good stand in for WWW II Nazis and such. They are big guys with BFGs.

5. AT-43 at 60% off - While shopping I ducked into our only real wargamming shop in KC. They had AT-43 at 60% off. Just like tohe clearance sales a while back. So I picked up another unit of Kolossus walkers, a gig Red Block Walker, and a box of Oni walking time bomb zombies, who will be pressed into Neo Soviet service. So a good find. added some brushes and some static grass cause I was running low.

With what little free time I had between parties, I messed around with my AT-43 Red Block guys, trying to decide if they were total repaints, or just wash, highlight and play. It may be some of both. I washed a unit to see how the turned out and they look ok. A little skin painting, highlights and they would be just fine. Just not sure I like the tan and burnt orange paint scheme. Its distinct, but not necessarily the scheme I would have decided on for my Neo Soviets. But it sure would be nice to just have them all done. I may keep some and repaint others.

I cleaned and based a bunch of Undead 15mm guys for C&C:Fantasy. So they are ready to paint. Not inspired so I haven't painted them yet.

Flirted with painting a bunch of guys I have ready for Song of Drums and Shakos, but decided not to go there. Nappy's are a long fall down a deep well for me. Once I start it usually means I don't touch anything else for months. I am not ready for that right now. Especialy since Phase II of my 28mm Brits are sitting on their sticks ready to go and staring at me everytime I paint. It would be nice to add 2 more units of cav and 6 more units of infantry. If nothing else than I get to paint my Highlanders after Phase II is done. Kinda a reward for getting the majority of it done. See even in print I can feel myself getting sucked in. Once Phase II is done I can play C&C Nappy's with them. Until then I will play C&C NAppy's with my 15's. My miles and miles of 15's.

So I was digging for something to do yesterday when I had the whole afternoon, and found I wasn't really in the mood to paint. So I was digging through boxes and came across some oldies but goodies. Old Citadel Chaos Warriors. I have had these guys for eons. Back when I collected eveything that Citadel and Marauder made. So I began buidling them and getting them ready to paint. I cleaned them, cut off their tabs(sacrelidge), and based them on washers like all my single mounted figs. I hate GW slotta bases. I hate their height and what to do with the edge. I hate how unstable they are. Everything really. So I mount all singles I would use for skirmish or warband play on washers and Litko round bases. Then texture and finish. Works great and looks so much better. So I got 4 old Chaos Warior riders, 8 old Marauders, and 10 Warriors mounted, an old Chaos Minotaur,  as well as a newer Chaos Troll I picked up at a convention. I have another 10 warriors to mount. Then I need to add a box of Beastmen platics, or find some old ones on ebay. I love the old beastmen. It was fun. and this could lead me into finally painting some of the gorgeous Hudson and Allen buildings that I have had forever. I already have a Bretonnian/High Medieval warband that would be of comparable size. Would be a good song of Blades and Heroes battle or even a modified Pig Wars. I really would like a set of large warband sized rules for fantasy. Not WFB. But units of ten, heroes, monsters, etc.

I then played Fable II, which I picked up at Walmart on clearance. Fun roleplaying game. I like games where I can choose to be good, evil, neutral, and decide if I want to be a fighter, a shooter, or mage. Makes it fun. But I gotta not do that since it just cuts into my painting time and at least after painting I have a painted miniature.

Oh one last thing. Played C&C Fantasy at the BArons last week. Started tweaking the armies stats and such. It really is a pretty subtle game with an ability to model almost anything you want. So its gonna take some time to really think about the units, then model their attributes. That was the lessen for the day. That and Pegasus Riders should be able to flee or evade at will. That would be the whole reason to have them. Flying. Duh.

Have a great new years. I think the Baron is having everyone over on Wed. for a VSF slugfest. Should be fun as usual. Makes me want to paint my Minions of Abdul-ak-Abduhl's army. With his gold plated Parrot of Doom, and Giant Mechanical Desert Lizard of Doom with Howdah.

I really do like it all. Can you tell?

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