Friday, October 8, 2010

Played C &C Fantasy (Not BattleLore) Last Night, and some progress

The BAsement Generals played Commands and Colors last night at the Barons Castle. Its our 4th play test. We haven't played enough to make sure we have covered all the rules yet, and left several out that I know of: evade, breakthrough attack, etc. but we are getting there.

We decided to use C&C Ancients instead of BAttle Lore now because the troop types were just too limiting in BL. And we like a historical bent to our fantasy. Afterall, Elven bowmen are really just pretty English Longbowmen with really good hygeine. So we are converting them and will have army lists and cards for each unit tupe that spells out movement, results, etc.

Pics over at the BAron's Blog:

As for my Critical Mass guys, I have my first 4 sticks of Critical Mass Recon Troopers base painted and highlighted. Detail painting this weekend so I can finish them and get them mounted. I finished their 2 fire support automatons(old Battletech Rocket tanks), and their fire support/mobile command post 6 wheel MICV. I have to do one last layer of highlights for the drop ship, and it will be ready. I haven't started their 3 walkers yet. Hopefully I can finish the majority of them this weekend.

After that, I need to finish my Garn native troops and finish their bases. Then I will have 3 small/med size forces to use for 15mm sci fi. Still looking for the right rules. Maybe Crossfire.


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