Friday, December 10, 2010

Hispania Union - Hollow Shell

I've gotten a new squad done for your viewing pleasure. I have a few squads of GW Karskin troops that I got for a feverish moment when I actually thought I wanted to play 40K. So they have been sitting.

And since I want to get some trrops painted for Hollow shell in the 2011 to play with Tomorrows War, I thought I would use them for that, along with their Cadian brothers. So I give you the first squad of the Hispania Union.

 Group shot

Close up 1

Close up 2

 Close up 3

These guys were a test to see if I liked the paint job. I do, so we'll march on through. They can also double as a heavy squad of the Engineers Guild in the post apoc world (imagine the power and influence of the engineer in a post apoc world, everything from using ancient tech, to creating new tech, to cleaning water and creating power. All hail the enigineer. Imagine how corrupting that much power could be.)  Gotta do the basing on my 15mm Commands and Colors Fantasy first, then do a few rubbled buildings over xmas. But these are enough to get started.

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